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Lazy wife: whether the man needs to adapt, or to try to correct it?

you will not believe, but there is, probably, no nationality which would have no fairy tale under the name “Lazy Wife“. There are fairy tales about the lazy wife at Russians, Ukrainians, Latvians, Moldavians. They begin approximately as this: “One young peasant married, but the wife got to him such lazy - wanted to do nothing. - Really it is not boring for you to sit without work? - the husband spoke to it. - Would take a pryaslitsa, a napryala of threads!

Is, by the way, the Portuguese national fairy tale.

And how it is arranged in life? Yes in the same way! And though it is not obligatory for spouse to have to a pryaslitsa, spokes or a ball now to prove the hardworking solvency, but amount of time which leaves for homework from it did not decrease.

As psychologists counted, on average for homework at men about 7 - 8 hours a week, then, as at the woman this indicator makes about 50 - 60 hours leave. How here not to arrange “revolt by the ship“ and not to show to the husband that appending the signature in the REGISTRY OFFICE, the woman was not employed as “the house slave“?!

This revolt can be expressed differently: from irritability, peevishness, to full or partially refusal in sex on various pretexts. But most often the woman with pleasure puts off what can be made today. And tomorrow smoothly flows in the day after tomorrow. Further - it is more: “the long box“ where postpone the most boring affairs becomes one of the most filled boxes in the apartment.

But this revolt can develop into even more terrible - the woman very quickly gets used that she can “be too lazy“, soon it often becomes “norm of life“. And as filler for “lazy pastime“ the TV, the computer, alcohol act, shopping (not all on it have means) both solving of crossword puzzles and to a pike perch is much more rare.

One of the first Americans sounded the alarm. Half a century more back they suddenly peddled for themselves “Old stuff“ - appears, the average American man spends for household chores about 15% of the time . The “rolled-up“ wives - try, put not small dwellings in order - quite often refused to husbands sex under different pretexts. Under the threat there was an institute of a family … After experts counted

that at such schedule of distribution of household chores of the wife four times more often reject intimate proximity , men had a certain enlightenment. For half a century the American society evolved dramatically forward. Today on average each American “married man“ gives to housework 30% of the free time, and with children of daddy spend three times more time, than at the beginning of 60 - x years of last century. us, unfortunately, approximately identical distribution of household chores happens to

U not always. In our Slavic tradition who is lucky, on that load more. As a result our women are more subject to irritability, certain emotional failures, turning the family center into the place of “dismantling“. Who benefits from it? Unless only mistresses and lovers, to whom run “to calm“ nerves …, of

But even more often address young men with complaints that their wives absolutely grew lazy me, are not able and do not want to learn to prepare, the benefit of semi-finished products today very much. But, when the man is bothered by such state of affairs, he can be engaged in “having a snack“ at restaurants, cafe, snack bars. And here to be reconciled with what in the apartment is slovenly the bed linen changes once a month, and even is more rare, the garbage is not taken out for weeks, rooms, closets and balconies are cluttered up, socks and, sorry, pants, full of holes - not each man can. Yes, the woman is tired at work as a time not less man. But unless it is an occasion to turn the apartment into a pigsty?

Typical history. Edik got acquainted with Nastya in a disco. She seemed very “cool“, perfectly danced, magnificently kept a cigarette in thin fingers, was always dressed fit to kill, the quite good makeup artist. Exactly like, princess.

Several months of the meetings in a “festive“ situation which are not burdened by neither life, nor cooking pushed to thought: they are created for each other. There was it after Nastya learned that she is pregnant.

Now, two years later as Edik told, they have fine opportunities for happiness. The apartment (gift of parents on both sides), smart car, furniture, the most modern household appliances. The most important - at them is the remarkable daughter. But Nastena Edika terribly irritates. When it comes home, he is met by invariable ashes from a cigarette on a carpet, the mountain of dirty ware, the chicken leg baked with an anthracitic crust (the series just began, and then the wife about a leg in the convector forgot).

Edik asked one for suggestions: how to force Nastena to wash at least the dishes? I asked him directly: what type of therapy he prefers, soft or rigid? He answered that he does not know. “How you think, and one more conversation with the wife will help?“

Ya told it honestly: it is unlikely. One, two, three times it is possible to wash the dishes most. And then to tell Nastya that he knows the woman who adores washing the dishes. It has always in the house an ideal order. And that he will surely acquaint her with Nastena if everything remains still.

Threat of a gap and the competitor who appeared on the horizon have always a sobering effect on the woman. Can agree in an amicable way and to wash the dishes every other day: on even days the husband, on odd - the wife. Or to introduce a game element in this process. You remember, how in the known advertizing: who will quicker cope, the one who vacuums or washes the dishes? Moreover the prize can pretty be thought up …

A in general in Russia was always told: choose the wife not in a round dance, and on a kitchen garden. Especially now, when society very tolerantly treats “trial marriages“ …

I in end I want to offer those women for whom “is lazy“ to prepare, the recipe of the dish which and is called - “The lazy wife“. About 5 - 10 minutes of house work are spent for it, all the rest for you will make an oven.

It will be necessary for a dish for us: about 800 grams of pelmeni (it is possible to be trained also by store), couple of bulbs, 3 - 4 eggs, 100 grams of firm cheese, 250 grams of sour cream or mayonnaise, spices, greens.

So, we oil a baking sheet sunflower and we put it in an oven for easy heating. Meanwhile we brown onions to a ruddy crust. Someone likes to cut it small, but it is possible to poshinkovat it and half rings.

While onions are fried, by means of the mixer we shake up at first eggs, then sour cream or mayonnaise (it is pleasant to whom more sharply - better to take mayonnaise), but it is possible and to mix components. It will be already universal sour cream - mayonnaise sauce.

The baking sheet should not be heated, otherwise pelmeshka will float, but has to be slightly heated-up that they did not stick to a surface. As soon as pelmeshka are laid by a row (who has a big baking sheet, pelmeni is required more), they need to be strewed with greens and spices, then to fill in with mix of eggs and smetanno - mayonnaise sauce.

The additional savor to a dish will be added by grated cheese with which we powder our dish. But if you not really like the melted cheese, then it is better to refuse it.

We put all this luxury in an oven. Approximately in 40 minutes at a temperature of 200 - 220 degrees at you absolutely appetizing dish will turn out. By the way, you will manage to look during this time at the next series of your favourite series.

It is sure, your man will “feed“ the whole week friends with the story: “And here mine prepared yesterday! You will lick fingers!“