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How to write texts that material was not only it is easy for understanding, but also is interesting. Copywriting secrets. Part 1.

you agree that all of us it is more and more already got over from the Industrial Century a Century Information? Special gratitude to inventors of the Internet!

• Women, to surprise the men with the next any appetizing dish, buy recipe-books less and less - there is an Internet!

• Men - fishermen became more skillful, they now previously can study a reservoir and more competently pick up tackles.

• And Infobusiness as promptly gains steam!

Information becomes more and more demanded and it is unsurprising, as it has the Market. But in any Market always in the price Quality and Convenience.

I suggest to study together with me, in my opinion, very useful material on writing of clear and interesting texts. I found it in works young and the talented copywriter Sasha Karepina.

It is necessary to observe Three Key Principles.


Information moves by a pyramid method. From the general where the main sense is put, to private where the essence appears in details.

Very good example.

Read the next line once and remember as much as possible beings from this list.

Crucian, owl, giraffe, hippopotamus, pike, crow, hare, burbot, nightingale, fox, carp, duck.

try to reproduce their greatest number Now. (But only not to spy! And that you will spoil experiment!)

Consider how many at you it turned out?

Average value 5. At best 6 - 8.

But it occurs not because here bad memory affects, and from - for that thing to which this article is devoted.

Submission of information.

And if it looked thus:

Fishes : pike, burbot, carp, crucian.

of the Bird : owl, duck, crow, nightingale.

Animal : giraffe, hippopotamus, fox, hare.
you Can test

on this list of the friend and look at his indicator. Whether will differ?!

Moreover, it is possible to use a pyramid method almost literally and to represent it schematically:

Pyramid top - the main concept.

is stated Below, more directed information.

I in the basis is provided specification which fixes the general and developed picture.

Other good example, shows “How to explain to the person information who is very far from a subject“?

Present, you the inhabitant of Papua New Guinea and to you give the recipe of preparation of pelmeni because tomorrow to you on a visit there come friends from far Russia, and you want to prepare for them a surprise.

You hear about pelmeni for the first time and read the recipe:

“To make pelmeni, mix flour with water and salt. Knead stiff dough. Meanwhile take crackers from white loaf and wet them in milk. Fry small cut onions. Mix ground and ground pork in equal quantities, add to it the wetted crackers and the fried onions, mix everything and salt. Thinly roll dough, cut it on small circles. In everyone wrap a little mix from forcemeat, put a circle in half and strong close up edges. You will boil water, lower in it circles with forcemeat, you cook five minutes“. I will not be surprised to

Ya if you appear in some confusion, and it will be a lung if you have strong nerves.

But if to apply a pyramid method, then this “porridge“ can have very structured appearance, and is available to understanding:

“To make pelmeni, it is necessary to take forcemeat, to wrap it in the small portions in dough and to weld.

Forcemeat is made of meat, crackers, onions and spices. Meat (pork and beef in equal parts) needs to be crushed, crackers (it is better) to wet from white loaf in milk, onions to cut and fry, and then to mix everything and to salt.

Dough is made of flour, water and salt. It needs to be kneaded abruptly, and then to roll and cut thinly small circles. In each circle it is necessary to wrap a little forcemeat, to put a circle in half and to close up edges.

needs to Cook the turned-out pelmeni in the boiling water five minutes“.

Such system allows to understand at first a dish essence, then its components and already in details to understand what ingredients for preparation are required:

In the following article we will consider the PRINCIPLE 2 which helps to keep interest of the reader.

To be continued …