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How to Choose the Best Internet the Project?

For 3 Gaudas I Became the Partner in 5 - ti the Internet Projects and Without results Spent A great lot of Money Why I continue by It to be engaged!?


It is sure that all heard about network marketing and at all the same reaction is a waste of time, money and something frivolous, and even in general - a scam. And network sales managers if to ask, then the majority of them before began to be engaged in it, considered also. But the number of representatives of this industry all grows and grows and if to glance in the Internet so there..., such feeling that among all offers on earnings in a network, 99% are a setevukha. If all from marketing jump aside, then why it so intensively expands?

I caught myself on thought that that I davny - long ago, since 2002, was involved in this sticky and viscous craft. As well as the majority spent all the accumulation for advertizing, before all it was exposed somehow from not really good party, trying to part on purchase of a super product. Then threw and thought that now me there what buns you will not entice.

I graduated from the institute and began to live for the salary. I will not write about such existence, but when I presented the further life for a salary which was not going to grow on so many on how many it would be desirable to live, I reflected about business opportunities again.

To do business, it is necessary like the starting capital. Where to take it if is not present? Means, I thought it is necessary to read books how the poor became the rich and to repeat their way. Read, began to do. Judging by what I subtracted it was necessary to become the super seller, and as the intermediary to naprodavat so much some to goods that from commission charges to receive big grandmas, as at a top of sellers from the American books about success stories. I sold advertizing spaces in commercial editions, an insurance, real estate, shorter became even poorer than was.

It was necessary to return to production craft. And to earn by the hands, at the very least, it is unpromising, but is stable and nourishing. BUT it is SO SAD! On Kruzaki`s roads drive, and you precisely know that so far you work in hiring - will be at the bottom. Here I also remembered that about network marketing as only an available form of business for not having a springboard.

Ok, I reconciled to thought of marketing, then it is necessary to choose such company that it was not a shame to work in it, for example, to deal with Dietary supplements to me to the architect, was absolutely uncomfortable. And marketing to a vreala not that, is good remotely not to stick to people and that they looked for me, via phone or Oh, the INTERNET!

Everything, there was an unlimited Internet at home, and there that is only not present. Chose one company, it through half of year, collapsed. The second, all in English until you sort that there for thought - you will overheat, the third - there gave a heap, information gigabytes, told read and understand, in as there is a lot of to you everyone, et - the floor of life needed to be spent that all this to shovel, in the fourth, the sponsor sold each consultation only for the grandma and it went. And only in the fifth I felt as in the plate.

Such feeling as quarrystone - that was traced there by all my attempts and prepared the project for such ôskilledô as I, taking into account those reefs, from - for whom it was necessary to replace so many projects. I do not love when to me something is offered therefore also I will not offer. But if you did not find that what yet look for, perhaps, as well as for me, it will turn out what will meet your requirements for productive and long-term work. Thanks.