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Shalyapin: than the childhood was remembered?

Sometimes meet a similar stereotype: allegedly great Russian bass Fyodor Shalyapin is the barin from rich or rather rich family, the fan to booze and drink, live “in grand style“ to which everything came “on a silver platter“, easily, without special works.

Both that, and another, and the third - the absolute delusion, extremely superficial glance.

Let`s look how everything began:

Little Fedya is five years old. The splinter flickers, behind a window the rain is heard, “in a pipe wind sighs“ (quite so years later Shalyapin remembered the childhood). In the twilight spin four women, among them there is mother Fedenki. Spin and, entertaining each other, tell terrifying stories. For example, how their died husbands arrive to young widows at night. At first flies a fiery dragon, it is scattered by sparks over a log hut, and then turns around in the furnace in a sparrow, jumps out from the furnace, turning into the person. Only instead of a back at it - fire and prick to touch it is green - burns together with soul … to

stories were followed by songs - women, painting monotonous work, sang about white fluffy snow and maiden melancholy. And by Fedenke it was dreamed under these songs casting a sleepiness as if he flies on a fiery horse, or among snow. It was dreamed as god lets out a fiery bird from a gold cage in the mornings - lets out the Sun on the sky.

Of course, abstruse national songs postponed the print for Shalyapin`s attitude.

He felt sorry for mother - and not only because the drunk father often and cruelly beat her: “Persuading me to obey the father and it, it inspired in me that life is difficult that it is necessary to work, without cease, that poor - there is no road … Houses at us, thanks to works of mother, it was always purely cleaned, before image the unextinguishable icon lamp burned, and often I saw how it is plaintive, obediently watch gray eyes of mother at the icon which is hardly lit with the dying spark … And externally mother was a woman what thousands at us in Russia: small growth, with the soft person, gray-eyed, with a fair hair, always smoothly brushed - and such modest, hardly noticeable“.

Shalyapin and another remembered. Here what he told about the father: “It was very a shame with it before companions, street urchins though at the majority of them fathers were the most bitter drunkards too. I thought - in what business here? Once tried vodka - bitter, smelly liquid. I understood pleasure to drink kvass, sour Russian cabbage soup, but why drink this poison? And I decided that big drink for bravery to row … All drunk rowed“.

The twentieth day of every month gave a pay. At once “… Wednesday in which I lived it is universal got poisoned with vodka and wildly kicked up a row. It were days of a continuous nightmare; people, losing an image human, senselessly shouted, fought, cried, rolled in dirt - life became disgusting, terrible“.

But there were also good days:

“… The bath in the province is a thing surprising! Especially in the fall when air is transparent, fresh, a little bit smells of tasty mushroom raw materials and those brooms which economical people took a steam bath, and now bear under mice home. In the dark autumn evenings which are poorly lit with kerosene lamps it is pleasant to see as there are down the street purely washed up people and from them defect rises, it is pleasant to know that houses they will drink tea with jam. I especially liked to go to a bath that after it at us surely drank tea with jam“.

Despite continuous quarrels in a family, future great singer considered that in the childhood all - well was to him. Was many friends, nice children. The company climbed roofs and trees, did self-arrows, let kites - “ladeyka“. Fedenka made to himself behind a kitchen garden a hole, got into it and imagined that it is his house, and he lives one, absolutely free! “Dreamed that well to get the cows, horses and in general dreamed of something children`s - not clear, of the life similar to the fairy tale … Round dances which were arranged twice a year - for a Semik and on Saviour sated with special pleasure me. Girls in scarlet tapes, in bright sundresses, rouged and nabelenny came. Guys priodevatsya somehow especially too; all became in a circle and, conducting a round dance, sang wonderful songs. Gait, dresses, festive faces of people - everything drew some other life, beautiful and important, without fights, quarrels, alcoholism“.

So songs, melodies entered young Shalyapin`s life.

Soon little Fedya was learned to read - about this and many other is beautifully written in his book “Pages from My Life“.

And I can only call you a free minute to leaf through these surprising pages.