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You hear shouts of a cucumber and sobbing of a bush pumpkin?...

.... The repentance for eating of animals is the fiction grown by people in itself.

All types of living beings in the nature breed with a huge stock. Fishes bear milyona of berries that one hundred whitebaits from whom 97 will eat predators survived. And so on. All life of proteinaceous beings is an eating someone by someone, is so conceived by the nature. Available of food chains the nature does not see any tragedy: food chains work moreover and natural selection happens. Any turkey does not commit a suicide because that her eggs were eaten by a jaguar. Bears new. Any fish was not drowned from a grief yet, seeing as caviar is eaten by her fellow. And only we shed tears over each mumps which was grown up?

As for natural resources, someone gave recently fine calculation from which it is visible that on the vegan of resources leaves much more. To search for that article and I will not give the reference - to fanatics all the same will not help, them anything to convince, I do not want to give to rowdies soils for a discussion uvedeniye “and the author of that article the fool aside, put on glasses“, - and striving for true knowledge and will find. I retell briefly by the own words: cows, hens and pigs turn what we do not eat - in what we eat. Because at a cow - four stomachs, for example. And at the vegetarian, how many?

Here therefore neither hay, nor straw, nor a silo and a tops of vegetable do not suit the vegetarian - it needs gentle salad, nuts, berries etc., - the fact that it would occupy about the lshy area and demands more leaving, it is more than labor costs, it is more than energy and fuel for cultivation, fertilizers and any it. And all this it is necessary much - food - that low-calorie moreover they want all the time svezhesorvanny. Why the areas under crops and gardens increase repeatedly and it does not grow - it is necessary to process. The ecology suffers extremely!

And in general “the British scientists“ proved that plants are felt too and remembered! Here and Life did not stand aside - reminded us of the terrible facts. Plants feel pain and fear, moreover - they can read mind of people. And if you approach a cucumber with intention to break it and to eat - he in horror shouts and cries out. (How feel plants or what the cucumber shouted of?) .

Moreover, plants possess memory, they communicate with each other (by release of special substances) - and approach to a bed of the one who already somehow broke their green fellow, they meet by amicable cries of horror... You do not trust - read article, there it is specifically specified who and where did experiences. Science - with, you will not argue with “the British scientists“.

And now we will present how poor cucumbers shudder for horror when to them the terrible combine goes! Besides - people do not want to eat old, yellow cucumbers - give them small aunts! What waves of horror are accumulated in itself by the dug potatoes? And tomatoes which carry for processing on tomato juice? Same continuous thriller!

If to ponder, then leaves that plant it is even cleverer than animals - because chicken on a poultry farm or pigs in a shed in - the first, do not read mind of the approaching murderer, and in - the second, do not remember that this type carried away yesterday and killed their girlfriend, and trustfully run together to distribution of forages, grunt when to them scratch a back and in general go on a footpath of disasters, without expecting from this absolutely any consequences. Not that plants - in experiences the philodendron and a begonia for a long time remember the torturers and are frightened every time as they will be seen.

But plants, unlike an animal, CAN not EVEN ESCAPE or bite! They powerlessly watch how the terrible hairy hand breaks fellows and gets closer to them... It turns out what awful meat eaters eat though the killed, but nevertheless before the chickens who were quite serenely living outside and pigs and pastoralno the lambs grazed on a grass - and vegetarians eat the plants exhausted with horror which in full consciousness shudder and suffer all the very conscious life?!

So than they it is better than us, these sadists sucking blood of poor defenseless tomatoes?! You represent how many negative “power“ (the word “energy“ was strongly replaced in mass consciousness with “power“, just as instead of the simple word “center“ now each telegraph operator uses beautiful “epicenter“, without being interested at all in what this word in general means) - you represent how many this most “negative“ (it is below zero, perhaps?) “power engineering specialists“ accumulate plants during vegetation and maturing? The same simply concentrated suffering!

Also this sanctimonious reasoning is not necessary that “ancient people knew about it and apologized to each broken pumpkin“ - easier, perhaps, for the poor killed pumpkin from your apologies? Well and it is possible to apologize to a pig - what then to argue about bloody meat eaters. The true humanist in general has to eat only already fallen fruit and that without worms...

It is remembered, in Soviet period constantly there were theories about harm of different food. That meat was declared harmful, by eggs continuous cholesterol, butter harms vessels, that milk is not acquired. Depending on what branch of a national economy failed all plans with especially loud crash... The most useful forever declared “the sun, air and water“ - perhaps, the only things which the Soviet power did not manage to turn into an acute shortage.

And if to ponder, then vegetarian reasonings can be continued logically - for Buddhist not killing of any impressionable cucumbers and the sobbing water-melons it would be nice to grow at us a chlorophyll, and really to eat “the sun, air and water“... Speak, there are already also such fanatics - sect of solar food. Good people, humane. Only live not for long.