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Ashes of Leningrad knock on our hearts?

at high school to kids were set Recently the composition devoted to the Great Victory. And here what was written by my nephew, the text is provided practically without changes.

My name is David, I live in Yerevan, I am 10 years old. I like to draw, read, especially I like to read Andersen`s fairy tales. I adore animated films: about Transformers, Rangers, and about People of X, very much I love the Glutton.

Itself I do not know why, but houses are constantly dissatisfied with me - mother, the grandmother. Very much I am angry when I am forced to eat. I love pizza, chips, ice cream, and offer me absolutely another. That I worked up appetite, the grandmother drives me in a garden. There very much it is pleasant to me because a garden at us very beautiful, and there I like to play. Once, when I walked with the grandmother, there was a case which strongly shook me. I also want to tell about it.

When we walked with the grandmother, I often noticed one very old babulenka, it was absolutely thin, as if dried up, and at it hands strongly shivered, it hardly - hardly went. All it somehow avoided, looked back, but were afraid to look at it, all for some reason hid eyes. All felt somehow awkwardly and as my grandmother told - “wanted to hide under garden benches“.

The old woman approached passersby and distributed all pieces of the dried-up black bread. Frankly speaking, I disdained to take this spoiled bread, but others took and thanked her, and then secretly threw out. The old woman gently patted children who took bread on a back. I somehow got used to it and did not pay special attention. I all was busy with the new Transformer when suddenly she sat down on a bench nearby. I strongly wanted to rise and escape, but the grandmother to me said in low tones that “it is inconvenient as the old woman can take offense“.

They got to talking, and I learned that this grandmother had once four little sons, and all of them died of hunger in Leningrad. There was then a war, this war was called the Great Patriotic War. Leningrad was surrounded three years by fascists, is was absolutely - there is nothing, and the weakest died. The old woman looked at me also told what to the senior was as much, how many and me. Then kind people brought it to Yerevan, and it remained with the family who looked after her.

Then she got up and left, but there was no wish to play with a toy to me more at all. The grandmother told me that when I was born, and at us in Armenia it was also very difficult with bread because we were surrounded by enemies, and again there was a war - in Karabakh. Many ran from slaughter and riots, but many battled and won the Homeland. Then there came the world, but many adults died therefore there are a lot of crosses on our cemetery of heroes - Erablur.

When I came back home, I was very angry, and I broke all the anger on the Transformer. I did not want to play war any more, and I threw out all the automatic machines and guns. I began to respect bread, I understood its high price. The grandfather told me how it is difficult to grow up bread, he worked many years in the village - directed the big area.

Yesterday I walked with the grandmother in a garden again, but did not see the old woman. The janitor told us that the old woman died, and I loudly began to cry, and the tears were not a shame to me at all. When we came back home, I noticed that the grandmother too secretly from me wiped eyes which were absolutely red.

Here only I cannot understand one in any way why there are a lot of clever and serious uncles who direct us, cannot agree and forever forbid war.

The grandfather somehow told me that adults receive a lot of money from - for wars. Really this money it is more important than children?