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Fondues - a hit of a party

Are mislaid in the history names of the one who invented the most tasty dish - a fondue. Someone claims that it was invented by shepherds who lived in the Swiss Alps. Others are sure that bright housewives used those products which always are in the house, and as a result - presented to the world the most known dish of Switzerland. Is also such who listens to a legend of the late wanderer who stopped on an inn on a lodging for the night and created the first fondue.

Anyway, the food of the 18th century, usual for peasants, won notable houses and later time conquered the world.

What is it - a fondue?

the Word “fondue“ of the French origin also means “kindled“. It is not difficult to prepare a classical fondue. Add cheese of several grades to heated white dry wine and melt it, constantly stirring slowly. After that the kettle with mix is transferred to the center of a table on a special spirit-lamp, thus, without allowing mix to cool down. Sitting around a table pin pieces of bread on long forks and dip them in the melted cheese, and then transfer to the plate. Here, actually, and all - the fondue is ready!

Several simple councils will help you to prepare the real delicacy.

 The Classical combination of cheeses for a fondue - gruyere and emmental. However, try to find the combination of tastes, experimenting with different grades. For example, for more gentle taste the dolchelatta can add cheese.

 Kindling cheese in wine, add a little potato flour for obtaining homogeneous dense mass.

 It is possible to Increase aroma and taste of a fondue by means of various spices - a nutmeg, caraway seeds, pepper. And previously rub walls of a kettle or a fondue pot with garlic.

 That cheese melted quicker, add a little lemon juice. At the same time stir slowly the boiling wine not with the circular, but zigzag movements.

 To a cheese fondue serve white or red wine of room temperature on a table or is slightly more cool, kirsch (cherry brandy) or just hot tea.

 Baguette will be ideally suited For preparation of a fondue.

So plain way of preparation of a tasty dish also made a fondue popular around the world. There were various variations on a subject: meat, fish, vegetable fondues; in 1960 - x the world for the first time tasted a chocolate fondue and appreciated it. Today the fondue experiences a rebirth.

Undoubtedly, the fondue will become real “hit“ of any party!