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“Fight of titans“: the movie is not recommended to watch in 3D?

As soon as collecting “Avatar“ began not just to surprise, and to excite imagination, all Hollywood began to go literally crazy on the new 3D technology. Eventually, from the point of view of business what else to wish? Considering that the income promptly falls from DVD every year, nobody believed that the new technology will help to keep (and even to increase) revenue. Now movie theaters can sell tickets with a margin, at least, in 20 - 30 percent that on a mill of each new three-dimensional project the stable stream as a result pours into tens of millions of dollars of excess profit.

According to the head of the Warners company Dan Fellman, 52% of collecting “Fight of titans“ for last Wick - and are a merit of three-dimensional halls. By some estimates, at same “Avatar“ are about 80%. And nearly a third of the income of Disney of “Alice in Wonderland“ happened thanks to the raised ticket prices in movie theaters, showing the movie in 3D - copies. By estimates of marketing specialists if “Fight of titans“ was shown only in a usual look, its collecting would make at most 40 million dollars, instead of received for the account (including) a 3D format of 61,4 million

In spite of the fact that the Russian premiere of the film will take place only on April 8, in America the movie already appeared in a wide release and caused a big resonance with a minus sign. Authoritative foreign film website RottenTomatoes. com delivered to a picture “terribly“ low rating 30 (percent of positive responses), and one of critics in general declared that “possibly, it is the first movie which is watched in a flat format better“. Let`s remind that the Warner Bros company. made the decision to make a copy of “Fight of titans“ in a 3D format at the last minute when all movie was already almost finished shooting that led to postponement of release for April (instead of March) and to increase in the budget.

The most unpleasant news consists that responses of technicians were even more depressing, than reviews of highbrow critics. According to Duncan Bouls (the website www. denofgeek. com) - “I was never so upset with so defiant and frank pumping out of money from the trustful audience“. In his opinion, the result will turn out shocking. Duncan begs all who will be going to cinema on this movie, not to go on 3D at all - the version, otherwise “the picture will appear from under your control“.

Unfortunately, the situation already leaves from under control. As the same Fellman noted, “if windows of cash desks selling tickets and had some “fight“, then the victory was won by cashiers“. It, however, did not prevent Warner Bros studio. recently to declare that this and next year there will be about 9 three-dimensional pictures. Other companies try not to lag behind too. At the same time all sacredly believe that the new technology is a long-term pot of gold and no bystrenky and poorish hand-made articles like “Fight of titans“ will be able to strangle her.

Full clarity in a picture will be brought by results of next weekends. The movie received B rating from CinemaScore, and in fact is even C because CinemaScore is based on opinion of those who attend premieres, i.e. first of all fans and admirers who are, as a rule, biased in the responses and are given unconsciously by the overestimated estimates. So it is expected that on the second week collecting “Fight of titans“ will drop not less than by 50 - 55 percent. However will pass not one more deplorable “the second Wick - and“ before in Hollywood begins to fall down 3D - mania.

From the point of view of studio bosses, meanwhile the three-dimensional format is too easy money. Purely economically, “it is simpler to cut bucks“ on a wave of an increasing demand that now and occurs. Also as CD, DVD and iPod were on sale better when only - only appeared in the market.

But most of all new technologies are hated, first of all, to the Hollywood stars. By 3D does actors and actresses much less paid and desired. In fact, all three-dimensional projects are visual attractions with a heap of computer graphics and special effects, i.e. projects where existence of stars is always a minor question. The most important problem that existence of the Hollywood stars, as a rule, seriously increases the budget in the form of the fees, but does not guarantee to studio payback of the project at all. Moreover, many last hits, like “The Hangover“, “Star Trek“ or second “Transformers“, in general did without superstars. So, if there is no difference why to pay more?