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Beet. What from it to prepare?

You are a pig, and I am a pig.

All of us, brothers, pigs!

gave us, friends,

the Whole tub of a botvinya Now!

you Remember a cheerful song of pigs from an animated cartoon “The cat`s house“? I since the childhood remembered, though did not know what botvinye are. It appears, of a botvinye - one of beet soups, and his not only our grandmothers ours of the grandfather, but, perhaps, and their great-grandmothers to the families cooked. The recipe from the ancient cookbook offers the following option.

Fresh beet leaves boil soft, to wring out, to chop and part small with kvass. There to crumble onions, fresh or pickles, at desire - small cut beet. Everything, summer green soup is ready. (Or more likely red?) To a table to give cooled.

In Belarusian cuisine there will be many recipes of a holodnik , kinds of summer beet soup too. If for an ancient botvinya kvass is necessary, then for a holodnik use the beet broth which is slightly acidified by lemon acid or vinegar. Except actually beet, in broth slice the blanched leaves of a mangold or a young tops of vegetable of beet of the dining room, onions, fresh cucumbers, fennel and parsley - but any greens that is near at hand. Except vegetables throw a half of the hard-boiled egg and a sour cream spoon into a plate.

Unlike borsch, borshchok a dish fast, prepared on mushroom (it is better from dry mushrooms) broth. Cook borshchok as well as borsch. Obligatory ingredient - a beet tops of vegetable. Except it - various vegetables: cabbage, turnip, onions, vegetable marrow, leek, celery. And still parsley, fennel, garlic and pepper.

At the end of cooking it is possible to acidify kvass or a lemon. And that it was similar to the real borsch - before giving to zabelit curdled milk from skim milk, at present - the fat-free kefir.

One more fast dish - beet on - monastically . Boiled beet is peeled and cut segments. Prunes are boiled too and cut on small pieces. On vegetable oil brown small chopped onions. All ingredients mix with pounded nuts and honey. For a smell add a ground coriander.

The stuffed cabbage loved by many can quite be prepared without cabbage leaves, having replaced them with mangold leaves. The washed-out leaves exempt from scapes and make boiled water. Scapes not waste, but valuable product! They are crushed and browned together with carrots on vegetable oil, and then mixed with crude mincemeat.

The stuffing is stacked on the scalded mangold leaves a centimetric layer and displace leaves in a tubule. With water it is (less) also sour cream (more), salt and spices extinguish in a pan under a cover.

And recipes of salads with beet any hostess will give a huge number. Also herring under a fur coat, and beet with cheese, with mayonnaise, with apples - yes you never know with what …

Finally several councils will for certain be remembered . For salads it is better not to cook beet, and to bake in a foil. At ready root crops the peel screws up the face and easily is removed. If nevertheless decided to cook - you do not salt beet before the end of cooking. She does not love it, loses taste and nutritious properties. And to accelerate cooking, try to pull out after an hour of boiling root crops from boiled water and to cool under a stream of tap water. For large copies repeat procedure twice, with an interval of 15 - 20 minutes.

Progress and bon appetit!