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Temporary registration of a car. How to save?

By the established rules, no later than 30 days after the state registration of the bought car (renewal of the property right) checkup has to be carried out.

And what to do to those who left the place of continuous registration to a place of registration of temporary and took with himself the car? Really, for various reasons can “be impatient“ to move for a long time to other city or the village. In this case passing of checkup and further operation of a car has the nuances.

So … You arrived from other region and have temporary registration. To pass checkup (THAT), you need to put on the temporary account your car with inevitable change of numbers on new with a code of the new region (35 - on the example of the Vologda region - instead of Moscow 177). Old (main) numbers will be stored poste restante by you during the term of temporary registration in regional Department of Internal Affairs.

Statement on the temporary account will require the following documents (originals and photocopies) and actions:

the registration certificate of the car (PTS - a blue bumazhention);

the certificate on your personal temporary registration granted by village council (administration of municipality);

passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;

the certificate on registration of the vehicle (V) in the original (the staff of traffic police together with old numbers “177“ with issue of the new certificate on registration of the HARDWARE in 35 - m the region with a mark will take away on storage “the temporary account“);

the rooms (the state registration signs with figures 177) which are had independently and cleared of dirt;

the statement for a re-registration (registration) of the vehicle which sample can be found at information stands of department of traffic police (militia) or at the duty employee of regional department. In a line of registration actions it is necessary to point “for statement to the temporary account“;

the receipt paid in a Sberbank branch with the indication of the subject “for registration actions-registration“, the sum of 500 rub;

granting the car with the cleared numbers of units (a body and the engine) on survey according to working hours of group of registration of motor transport of traffic police.

After performance of all formalities, after obligatory check in such cases on all bases of search and check of compliance of numbers of units of the car to the data specified in the statement and certificates you receive the new Certificate on registration the HARDWARE and new state numbers (signs). Period of validity of temporary registration of the car cannot exceed the term of your temporary registration in the place of stay, but also that and another can be prolonged easily, having around relatives or real estate in property.

After successfully carried out procedure it is necessary to pass within 30 days THAT (according to requirements of the law). When moving back to the region of the main registration (177) the coupon THAT is given together in numbers (35) in division of traffic police, them given out. In exchange you get old, main numbers (177) and the document on terms of passing of the following checkup (certified by the press the act) which after presentation in your region (177) at station exchanges (without payment and tests of the car) on the new coupon of checkup.

the Return change of regions of registration


At the return change of registration of the car - with temporary for the main - submits the similar application to traffic police with a plot “for removal from the temporary account“. At the same time services cost only 200 rubles (the receipt of payment through Sberbank is shown) as you only get the old numbers (177) and the old certificate on registration of the HARDWARE which was still stored in traffic police (35). That is in case of the return replacement you save a little, and paying only registration actions.

Besides, if you want to replace temporary registration of the of “an iron horse“ (35) with the main (177), being in the “home“ region (177), it is not obligatory to carry the car for survey to the “temporary“ region (35), is as if close or far it was. You go to local traffic police (in my example - in Moscow) and, having shown the car on the osmotrovy platform, on the same day receive the inspection certificate certified by the press. Having shown this act (together with numbers (35), the receipt for 200 rubles and the Certificate on temporary registration of the HARDWARE) without the car in traffic police of the area of local registration (35), you without delays get old (177) numbers and the Certificate on registration of the HARDWARE of the main region. Now it will be necessary only to bring numbers to the car, and not vice versa.

About new regulations of carrying out technical inspection for motor transport

in the territory of the Russian Federation is accepted 2009 by

B to execution new regulations of carrying out technical inspection for motor transport, and the part of car owners had problems as many citizens own foreign cars of different years of release and technical condition. For example, turn signals according to newly introduced regulations have to be yellow and what to do those at whom cars are imported from the USA, and there turn signals - red color? And control (tilt angle) of headlights in the USA, Europe and in Russia (according to regulations) have differences. And what to do to those at whom the front bumper is equipped by “kenguryatnik“? Now such cars, according to regulations, will hardly pass checkup, it is necessary to remove at least “kenguryatnik“.


For similar options I recommend to pass checkup across the place of temporary registration (in the remote place). In - the first, its cost much lower and makes on the example of the Vologda region about 600 rubles (taking into account the new prices since February, 2010). In - the second, also the insurance is cheaper - on temporary registration it cost me 892 rubles for a year on the 110 hp automobile all-wheel drive foreign car. In the third, at presentation of the car on checkup in the province the inspector of traffic police is quite satisfied with external survey (not everywhere there are special stations and the computer diagnostic equipment), “kenguryatnik“ it is not necessary to remove, to change headlights too … Draw conclusions.

And one more moment … On temporary registration it is possible with smaller expenses, than, for example, in Moscow, “to lift“ category on control of vehicles. Transition from category “C“ (cars with the maximum allowed weight more than 3,5 tons) on category “E“ (cars with the trailer) in my hometown will cost (taking into account courses in driving school) 19 thousand rubles, in Verkhovazhsky district of the Vologda region - 7500 rubles. It is similarly possible to acquire the rights for a tractor, snowmobile, hydrocycle and the boat, up to the yacht (the last two options - in the Vologda department of GIMS, the State inspectorate for small size vessels), having spent many times less financial assets.

Here one more checked method of fight against the crisis phenomena and economy option.