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How to become the real Knight or Who such roleplayers?

the Right dural sword in the right hand and which rather cloyed from - for the weight slightly curved plywood board upholstered with iron at the edges - in left. On the head a leather two-layer helmet with a ridiculous lace under a chin, on hands - gloves are thicker, on a body - a quilted vest, standing - jeans, and at heart - the joyful enthusiasm caused by a storm of romantic images from the read books and movies...

If read suggested to you ideas it seems “As it is healthy! I want, I want, I want“, I congratulate, you are a roleplayer. Well, at least, on spirit. And if to you to taste forest sorties, tournaments, sieges and songs at a fire to the guitar, then the roleplayer is your diagnosis.

Generally, the people can describe this surprising action as a set, dressed well matched to this or that era, divided on roles into groups and winning back this or that historical or fantastic action. Well, for example, it can be any episode from all of famous “Lord of the Rings“.

Each participant writes himself a kventa (legend) that is who such this character, than he was engaged where he studied, lived and so on. Organizers of a role-playing game (master) collect these kventa, agree or do not agree with written. I will explain. For example, at the game on the western Slavs there was one individual who dragged a katana (samurai sword) and declared that he is a Samurai. It was answered that there would be it to the Japan because we have ancient Russia here. Naturally, the kventa has to approach the game.

Further there is a survey of equipment and the weapon by the same principle, to addition - control of weight at blade length, on onions bowstring tension force and so on. It becomes to minimize injuries which can be got as a result of use of the wrong equipment. Rules on equipment are issued in advance.

When procedure is ended, the most interesting - cast begins. Masters call each participant individually and tell him a role taking into account his own kventa. Other players it is not aware concerning your role, and you concerning them, respectively, too.

Everything, game began. Intrigues, battles, tactical tricks - all this Bolshoi role Theatre of action. The main goal - to play the role, well and, of course, with all the heart to have fun!

It should be noted that role communities are divided into clubs (for convenience). Each club has a charter, ranks of clubmen and symbolics. People train in clubs 3 - 4 times a week who, how many can. Adjacent trainings of different clubs - for achievement of the best result, and also for carrying out tournaments and other game modulations are often carried out. Preparation - the main component of success in this case.

Concerning equipment it is possible to tell safely that it is completely manual skills, by the principle “dress yourself“. Someone in front of the TV sits in the evening and clicks sunflower seeds, and someone instead sits and in front of the same TV spins a chain armor. The native club, of course, initially will provide to all with the most necessary, and then it will be visible.

The few in our country know that there are such people as we, and, passing by us in some park or on a forest edge, - only quicken the pace, pulling in the head in shoulders, and screw up the face from a klatsanye of swords and other sounds of fight. And roleplayers are in each city, and there is a lot of them. But since recent time so “strange“ entertainments became a subject of a public censure. No, even not censures, and, I would tell, such silent disapproval when do not decide to say directly, and behind the back are whispered and twist a finger at a temple. However, if you really like in what you are engaged, you do not recede.

Generally, here such here we are the hopeless romantics who are looking for themselves in labyrinths of history and a fantasy, adoring battles and the fighting passion covering in each fight and good luck to you if decide to go a similar path!