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Anatoly Tukish - a voice with which you fall in love at once and for the rest of life!

Anatoly Tukish are the honored artist of Russia, the person who studied everything and step by step went on light of spotlights to see it every day, to bathe in its beams and to give to the viewer of all itself without the rest, to affect their souls and to bear heat and love in their hearts.

Strong, it is a little with hoarseness a voice, places emotional, with an anguish. Very individual singing manner, is not just propevany the beautiful text is a propevaniye something main, the most important. Already several years the remarkable tenor Anatoly Tukish prepared for

the new program “Be my love“ to present it to the viewer.

this concert will take place on April 14, 2010 on a scene of Variety theater of A. Raikin.

the Last years Anatoly Tukish devoted a lot of time to theater, cinema, teaching, charity foundation of Page. Yesenin whose President he is. In 16 years of existence of fund forces and means of his employees it was made much important for perpetuation of memory of the great poet: a concert in “Crosses“, a series of meetings with veterans of war and soldiers of the Russian army, more than 20 concerts for disabled people and veterans of war. The plate with record of songs on S. A. Yesenin`s verses “The hooligan`s confession“ performed by A. Tukish was let out, the fund used more than 3 000 copies of a plate for gifts. Since 1995 a city competition of composers on the best song on Yesenin`s words is held. The monument from white marble (on the project of architects F. K. Romanovsky and S. L. Mikhaylov) which was established in the Taurian garden was the same year created.

B to 110 - to the anniversary since the birth of the poet was released 2005 by fund a double album of songs with a circulation of one thousand copies on Sergey Yesenin`s verses. Under the auspices of fund the Yesenin`s Fall festival was held and the medal in the form of the medal “For an Outstanding Contribution to Culture of the Fatherland“ is founded. Among winners: Iosif Kobzon, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Vitaly and Sergey Bezrukov, Alexander Novikov, Kirill Lavrov, Oleg Basilashvili, Alice Freindlich, Zinaida Sharko, Albert Charkin, Nikolay Burov, Roman Viktyuk.

at the beginning of April, 2009 was published a new album of Anatoly Tukish “Far fires“. The author and composer Yury Zatykin acted as the author of all pieces of music. The premiere of an album took place on April 18 in Gorky`s recreation center.

was the Cause for a concert Anatoly Tukish`s anniversary, and dated an exit of a new album “Far Fires“ for this event. The plate is recommended to one and all fans of music.

In the program of a concert on April 14, 2010 new songs, romances, arias, works which know and are loved by thousands of admirers and judges of creativity of Anatoly Nikolaevich.

This evening all residents of St. Petersburg and guests of the Northern capital are given a unique opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of heat, sincerity and love performed by the outstanding tenor and the remarkable person Anatoly Tukish.

From beginning to end A. Tukish conducted all preparation for a concert independently with assistance of friends and fans of his creativity, and the most valuable to the actor this day - a packed house of grateful listeners and judges of music!