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Learn - whether you are capable to create profitable business? And how to make it? Learn

now, really whether you are suitable for creation of successful business on the Internet. Further I will write to

only several stages (short strategy), having read which learn how to create monetary business on the Internet and what specifically abilities will be unambiguously necessary for you for success.

Only only several steps which are the main components for creation of profitable business on the Internet. In case for you are congenial, to understanding and other moments these factors, then you unambiguously are suitable for creation monetary and stable the business Internet!

your success in online business will depend only on you. From whether you can daily work without “podtalkivaniye“ from the administration plan and do necessary work independently every day.

Can you be engaged in self-education, to comprehend a taymmenedzhment of the personal success.

is able to build the Internet business within several months, even then, when results are at first not visible. Whether you possess ability to finish the begun business, to achieve goals even if it is not so easy as it seemed in the beginning. whether

you Can logically think and bring innovations in the work with the purpose of repeated increase in own efficiency.

These and only these qualities are so necessary for successful the businessman`s Internet!

How to create business on the Internet? In the beginning it is extremely important to find reliable model of construction the business Internet (system for creation of on - business line). by

After you were convinced of efficiency and operability of the system of creation of business chosen by you on the Internet, it is necessary to choose a highly specialized niche in which you will build the of business on the Internet on the basis of the chosen model. How competently to choose a niche for the business Internet?

Opredelyayushchey at the choice business of a niche - performance of 2 conditions:

1. The chosen thematic niche has to be at least interesting to you that you could work every day with interest, but did not force themselves work.

2. The niche chosen by you business the business niche for business on the Internet has to be high-monetary and enjoy popularity. Now we start creation of the website (a startup in the Internet business).

How to begin creation of the website for business on the Internet?

1. We plan future web the project on paper: we create structure, approximate style and we do not forget to consider all elements necessary in the future subsequently it was not necessary to remake a lot of things. Or it is even simpler - it is necessary to find and choose CMS a control system of content. On CMS the website will be much simpler to create a web. The main thing what it is necessary to pay the attention at the choice of CMS of a cursor to - so to understand it whether CMS a cursor meets all your requirements to future website.

2. We buy the domain and a hosting for the website. How it is correct to choose a hosting for the website? Even before purchase of a hosting it is necessary to make sure that the chosen hosting supports all parameters and protocols which are necessary for correct work of the chosen CMS system.

3. We create a startup the project (the website for business on the Internet). How to plan the Internet a startup you understood. That the startup created by you began to bring in incomes, it is necessary to work over SEO optimization of the website.

How to untwist the website?

Three basic methods of an effektivnoyraskrutka of the website:

1. SEO optimization, promotion of the website articles, using a copywriting of articles.

2. The Virusnyymarketing for promotion of the website.

3. Development and start of a personal partnerka for automatic promotion of the website.

of startup the project is quite not bad untwisted, visitors flow the river from Yandex. It is a high time to monetize the website.

How to force the web the website to make profit? Three basic ways for earnings in the Internet on the website:

1 way. To begin to earn with Google AdSense - by means of a contextual advertizing; Second way. Earnings on partnerka (affiliate earnings in the Internet).

3rd way. The third type of earnings - to create the sprosovy, qualitative goods and to earn from its sales. Fourth way. As you made several useful digital products - you need to be engaged in the organization of the partnerka selling these products. It will allow you to create system of the passive income in which other people will already work for YOU.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Alexander Kochetov. Owner of the website www. businessvinternet. ru