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Whether the dry feed brushes dog teeth?

Often it is necessary to hear councils including from professionals: “You with what forage feed? From a table? Aaa … Therefore at your dog stones were formed. You feed with the correct dry feed. Because that the dog gnaws crackers, she clears teeth“.

And now we will present ourselves on the place of a dog. Try not to clean teeth at least week, and then to gnaw crackers. What will occur? Anything! Teeth what were, and will remain such. At dogs in the same way.

There are three types of stomatologic garbage:

1. Large particles of food (they can be removed, having just rinsed a mouth);

2. Raid;

3. Scales.

Every morning we brush teeth to remove a dental plaque. These are those small remains of food which lingered on a rough surface of teeth and are not removed water. If not to brush teeth, then parts accumulate in spaces between teeth and in a gum. Let`s add to it saliva minerals (calcium and phosphates) and bacteria. If regularly not to clear teeth, eventually this mix hardens and turns into a scale. It can be removed independently, having made serious efforts, and it is possible to visit the stomatologist`s office.

If not to listen spellbound the dog at least once in a week, after a while you will be surprised with very unpleasant smell from a mouth and lack of appetite. And it is even more - the diagnosis of the doctor. The scale leads to damage of a gum and fang, and subsequently and to loss of tooth.

In a dry feed there are more carbohydrates, it means that on teeth more raid is formed, and the probability of formation of a stone increases. But do not put this fact on the defining place at the choice of a forage at all.

In the market very many producers offer forages which are urged to clear and bleach teeth of a dog. But in practice these forages do not brush teeth as it is done by a toothbrush. The best means still was not thought up yet. Therefore you should not trust sacredly even to well proved brands. Their promises are only a marketing mix.

But it is easy to advise, you will tell. Try to clean teeth at my dog!

Today toothpastes for dogs with various meat smells are presented at the market of pet goods. Having tried these pastes on the dog, I can advise a soft children`s toothbrush without use of any paste as the best means for cleaning. The dog tries to pinch paste, it cold and it frightens. You never know what you decided to smear with it teeth! The result of the spent efforts leaves much to be desired. The dog escapes, it is unpleasant to her. Only, perhaps, plus similar pastes is that they contain components which soften scales. Soften, do not dissolve. After that the scale needs all the same to be removed.

If the dog allows to get to her into a mouth, then it is possible to remove a stone and in house conditions by means of a sharp object. The folk remedy - juice of tomato or strawberry will help to facilitate procedure. It is enough to put a piece to tooth and to take within 5 minutes, and then to clear teeth a sharp object. Tomato and strawberry contains acid which softens a scale. It is checked, works.

Many dog breeders recommend to add tomatoes to a dog diet. Dogs usually readily eat them. But, as practice shows, eating of tomatoes does not influence the speed of formation of a stone. Therefore you should not be zealous and feed with them a dog. Will not help.

If a dog categorically against any actions in a mouth, it is necessary to see the veterinarian. Procedure not is also carried out from pleasant under the general anesthesia regardless of the animal size. The anesthesia becomes, first of all, to calm an animal. As a rule, it not deep and a dog only loses mobility, but everything perfectly sees and hears. After procedure she is able to go home independently.

Keep to a dog healthy teeth.