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How to make a declaration of love?

So, you fell in love! I congratulate!

Even this feeling in itself is capable to lighten mood up to the inaccessible height, in any case mood! You will soar and fly in heaven. Heart jumps with happiness at the sight of the beloved, and knock it is given in all body. You all become one big heart. A smile to ears on a face, the bright sun in the sky, birdies sing, the whole world changes around, and it does not depend on a season.

But … unfortunately, the person is so arranged that cannot just enjoy the happiness and rejoice to the fact that he in general managed to feel feeling of love. The person - the owner. Not on us to love at distance and to derive from it pleasure. We begin to suffer, torment ourselves with thoughts, guesses, doubts: loves - does not love. And no camomile will give you the correct answer to this question. Only the object of love can resolve your doubts. So an exit one - to make an avowal of sentiments!

I hurry to please you: even if your beloved takes only a liking to you so far, recognition in itself can turn this sympathy into love! Only for this purpose the declaration of love has to be beautiful, it has to mention emotions at all levels, cause delight in object of adoration and envy at all girlfriends!

So, beautiful declarations of love:

the Inscription on a fence

the Declaration of love on a fence or (other widespread option) on asphalt is capable to amuse vanity of any girl! It will be surely seen from a window by all girlfriends coming on a visit and will die of envy white envy. It not just words, it already action, act! And very few people are ready to make real acts presently, it is more and more insignificant talks. Only you watch that you behind this occupation were not caught by the local janitor or the house manager, and that it is necessary to wash away everything, and the object of your love so learns nothing. I do not understand these janitors! It is better let fences will be used up by declarations of love, than … know than. Flowers you will tell


: flowers - it is banal! Of course, it is banal if you are going to get off with a sickly bouquet, God grant, if roses.

If to give roses, so one million! Million, one million, one million scarlet roses! I understand, money for such luxury is unless people from the list of billionaires have Forbes, well and god with them. Not the fact in general that your beloved prefers roses. Perhaps, she loves camomiles! Or tulips! And it is not obligatory to buy them. It was lucky those who live in Holland, there it is quite often possible to meet the whole tulip fields! If there is no tulip field nearby, look for other flower field in the district. Only present: you, girl and whole sea of flowers. And at the same time you say something romantic concerning this field of flowers which you give it, that she the finest flower with which it is necessary to fall in love. In total! Your girl forever!

the Feat

to Make a feat and to devote it to the girlfriend - here where romanticism! Yes, we live not in the Middle Ages, but nevertheless, each girl in soul still waits for the knight on a white horse. It is put in genes.

It is possible to rescue the girl, and it is possible - all mankind and at least to get a kitten from a tree. Here to you to decide that specifically good to make, not to forget the main thing as a result when you get all monasteries of the winner, to mention that all this for the sake of it, for the sake of your ladylove! Do not forget, women love winners and heroes!

the Love note

is better than

A even many love notes! You remember such chewing gum “Love is …“?

And whether you know that comics which were put in this chewing gum initially were usual (though all - not absolutely usual) love notes? Kim Grove is an artist from New Zealand - drew such plain pictures with recognitions to the loved Stephano Kazali. It enclosed notes in a pocket of his jacket, between pages in the weekly, during breakfasts which collected to it for work. As a result - Kym replaced the surname with Kazali.

Why don`t you use this checked recipe?

the Song

the Song - a trouble-free way to make impression on the girl. Ideal option - to write the song, to sing it from a scene before crowd of the people, and before the same crowd to declare that the song is devoted to your darling. The main thing that the girl at this moment was present at the hall!

And what to do if there is neither voice, nor hearing and any opportunity to act at least on student`s evening? Then - a romantic dinner, candles, live music and the singer who can sing the song instead of you.

If it is impossible to write a masterpiece too, use the romantic song checked by time. For example, “If there would be no you“ in the original of “Et Si Tu N`existais Pas“. Under this song the huge number of declarations of love was made, under this song there were many first kisses. This song served newlyweds for the first wedding dance more than once.

What, did not think of a marriage yet? And in vain. If found the true love, then it is necessary to take it in an armful and - directly in the REGISTRY OFFICE. And miss that...

Good luck to you in love!