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Britney Spears. Return the priest - princesses? We Will begin

from the very beginning. All of us remember it the little girl. We remember that time when she in the school uniform sang painfully familiar motives.

A pop-music, music for youth, perfectly put dances and it, absolutely still young, full of hopes and optimism. We admit honestly, thought that Britney can, having matured, to change, came to nobody to mind. We hoped to watch further its creative development, and all its children`s spontaneity, even quite arranged naivety.

The lovely innocent image attracted views. She became an idol of millions. Considerable number of clips, a huge number of performances and albums which ratings were ready to break all records. Sensational affair with Justin, comparison with Madonna, impressive fees, gossips... all this only stirred interest of the public in Ms. Spears. Later a rank “the priest - princesses“ and new creative plans...

And to them it was fated to be carried out. She is an idol, it is imitated by millions, want to put on as they It, repeat after it the interesting dancing movements. Britney Spears turned into the favourite of teenagers, became an example for many, ready to try to repeat her success. The girl - the schoolgirl acting in Mickey`s Club - the Mouse, becomes a world star. Here it, treasured “American dream“. As we see, quite achievable. Bruce Willis, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez... We know many examples.

What happened then? The general favourite, dear Britney, was not such innocent. America was not ready to such changes, admirers became puzzled...

“Big love of Britney Spears - Kevin...“ - all headings mass media dazzle. Ratings are high, more than ever. Still, transformation of the innocent girl into the fatal young lady. The choice of the person not of the circle, the actual refusal of career, destruction of still not soiled reputation... It is possible to call all these acts safely reckless - owing to big love or emergence of chance at last to become by itself? It was not given such opportunity, she could not say what thinks, to arrive as considers it necessary. Too early growing affected. Britney lost the childhood, early learned monasteries of popularity. And now wants to return that in due time took away from it, to feel freedom.

Justin Timberlake. They were familiar, apparently, the whole eternity. And... it left. To help to get rid of this pain even favourite work did not help. It had everything. Now it seemed that more nothing will be. Insufficiently skilled, lost, according to her, “love of all life“, Britney meets him. Kevin - the complete antithesis of Justin. Two absolutely different persons, but it attracted with something it and changed. Still as changed... The world famous princess cannot be recognized, paparazzi do not move a step from her, however, as well as always. But now they had an opportunity to depict madam Britney in a new image. Why it with It? Why It? It is valid what people of opposite characters can have the general from the different worlds, noticeably excellent sizes of a purse? Love. Other reasons cannot just be.

Kevin has an opportunity to become a star, he definitely has a talent. At least, it is confident in it. Britney nurses his children and dreams to test motherhood delights soon. Two charming boys are born. It would seem, live yes rejoice. But is not present, family idyll is impossible.

Kevin begins to behave as the boy spoiled by Britney. Yes sir the father having many children should not behave. The star status of the wife all - played a dirty trick, and the final of this history dispelled the myth that all people are equal. At representatives of different classes really hardly something could develop.

Strange behavior, the shocking acts - all this under a sight of chambers 24 hours a day. Articles of journalists about “new Britney Spears“ bring sensational news and the “mad“ fees. It seems, it does not have the end. Britney falls into a long depression and goes to hospital with a bunch of mental disorders. Again these chambers... They provoke, and pain amplifies. Again it did not turn out. The only people who in volume the moment could help it, - a family.

Began to seem to Britney that they too from her turned away, the whole world as if measurement waiting for that moment when she is at the critical end of the resources. What was created then in her head? Divorce, loss of the parental rights, supports of close, familiar for a long time people. She did not know any more who can be trusted. All are torn to glory, great opportunities and money, often forgetting about true values, about importance of a family.

Now all behind. To return former success it will be very difficult, but the main thing - it could overcome crises, learn lessons, understand that it is necessary to live further, despite negative experience. Once it was given an opportunity, and she made a choice, having risen by a scene, by top of world popularity. Too a lot of things were made. And these a lot of things are worth it to grow further, not to be given.

The world of show - business - a huge intrigue where there is no place weak, all weaknesses will instantly be published. We believe that Britney will return. With new success, not such, as before, but full of determination again to take that place which belongs to it by right.