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Why all of us go somewhere? To a mine of the tsar Solomon

visit unique prirodno - the historical reserve - of park of Timn became One of the most unforgettable impressions of our New Year`s trip to Israel.

The 6th mornings, there is a wish to sleep extremely, but we courageously lower ourselves on the elevator to a reception. A handful of the yawning vacationers, ladies, I ask to notice, in a make-up, expect guides - buses to part along different informative routes.

The kind employee supplies us with dry breakfasts. Such accurate paper small suitcase with sandwiches, fruit and an invariable bottle of water.

The husband leaves for Petra (Jordan), fussy addressed by me: “Be not lost if what - call here according to this number, and took points? Do not forget to bring souvenirs, and did not forget a chamber? Oh! And the passport with? “ At last, farewell spasms behind, and I am attached in a cozy lobby with a coffee cup waiting for the cabriolet which will bring me to Mines of the tsar Solomon .

As it became clear subsequently, this name to Timn`s park was stuck by the Russian tourists. Israelis very long resisted, carefully kept in all excursion routes and advertizing leaflets original and only the correct name, but then gave up under heavy freight of falling of interest in sight. Nobody understood what is Timna. But about Mines all knew. I on the place of creators of the well-known movie would make the claim for violation of a copyright!

At last and I am selected by the picturesque native of the Union on the small minibus. The native interests me in the at once is refined - thin comments about everyone and everything that floats behind a board. It so far, prior to excursion. I who happily took the place closely to driving enjoy a situation.

Eilat, he says, it is divided by a runway of the airport into two parts. In right, is closer to the sea, we work, in left - we live. I ask and what engaged locals, in sense of employment. And here, speaks, now Russians will leave, Poles will arrive, then - Germans, then … - and so all the year round. Honestly, I noticed only one production. Salts. With different grassy and still some additives why salt turns out multi-colored. Products are turned out under the German brand.

Still I very much liked a story about small family business which, in my opinion, waited seven years for the license of the local Ministry of Health for production of goat cheese. With certification of quality in the country it is strict. Waited, by the way. Cheese, speak, tasty.

Asked was about the Eilat stone. Surprising beauty work of the nature. Something on color reminds our malachite, only with brightly - blue outflow in addition. Yes, it is valid. It was got in that Timna`s mines where we also go. Developments are closed long ago. All stock of a stone is in granaries of the state. Is given for processing and transformation into jewelry. Interestingly, how many it remained there?

With surprise I learn that if you visited Eilat, it does not mean that you visited Israel. Our group leader considers that Eilat is special culturally - historically - the ethnographic phenomenon, the fantastic vacation spot, especially in winter months, but to make the idea of the country of Israel, it is necessary to go to the North. Even not to Jerusalem, and to Caesarea or Masada. Right there the Bulgakov novel emerges, merge of soulmates begins and it is unknown, than everything would end if not fair claims of other members of group that it would be advisable to return to a subject of today`s voyage, actually.

And we go to very ancient place. In the fifth millennium B.C. people began to extract copper here, having learned to use it in the everyday life. At the time of Pharaohs the rudodobyvayushchy enterprise huge for those times functioned here. Show to tourists man-made mines - horizontal first, later vertical with cunning system of ledges on which it was easy to go down in a belly of the earth and also freely to give on - the mountain the extracted copper. You will be acquainted with an ancient way of melting of copper, surely put to be photographed at the huge coupon (a money such) and will ask to ponaduvat prehistoric bellows.

Informatively, of course. But, in my opinion, it is necessary to go to park not behind it. The unique world (60 which is clearly demonstrating it is as if banal did not sound, futility of human life. Once under the ancient ocean tectonic plates began to move. Somehow uncomfortably by it it was lain, probably, and to return peacefully on the place after stretched - warmed up, it is visible, it did not turn out. The ocean filtered into the formed cracks, plates faced with each other, and further let geologists tell. I only know that it is better not to come to hand to the enraged plates. In Timna, for example, the geological forms which fancifully stiffened after cataclysms are surprising. And from the Ancient Ocean there were puddles: Mediterranean, Dead and Red exhausting. Also some ancient spirit soars in park, precisely I speak to you. Buddhists would tell - the karmic place.

I am a girl very subject to influence of world cultural heritage and its rich literary layers. Never I will forget how I in Paris ran in excited delight on the area where Esmeralda danced, having executed deep awe, looked at a lodge where the g - N D`Artagnan lived, and in England - to the place of the last rest of the king Artur. Well what to do with it … It here attitude.

And so, Timna turned all my being upside down. Absolutely space landscapes, unreal color of nubian sandstone, feeling of enduring concern that only - only (about several thousand years) the calmed-down boulders will start moving again, persistently pushed out from unconscious the whole pictures. Only I ask me to forgive for mixture of historical eras, times and events at once. This “unconscious“ was!

Alexander of Macedon`s armies in victorious rattle winning local mines seemed to me... The Roman legions scattering a system, in a sleep looking at greenish layers of copper, the attracting strips speakers on a surface... Tais Afinskaya who dropped in for a minute to admire local treasures... Gloomy bedouins and all pantheon of the Egyptian gods with Anubis at the head. And still unfortunate poor fellows who on shoulders transfer coupons of copper to the pathos ships expecting sending to native coast in a bay of the Red Sea.

Well, and certainly, Solomon. And as without it. (A fancy image the rocks removed in the millennia) entirely widely-read Russian tourists attributed unique so-called Columns to it. Though the severe lady Istoriya was skeptical about the similar version. Solomon in Timna was not. And it is a pity, emotionally - conceptual layer of park is just a match for this great hitromudreets.

While my colleagues on the excursion bus joyfully climbed mines, were photographed in caves and imagined themselves miners with an experience, I managed get to talking our guide.

It appears, the government of Israel is very careful in relation to tourists. All country is cut up by four types of routes. I can be mistaken in the name of color, but somewhere approximately so: blue - idle time pedestrian, red - the increased complexity pedestrian, green and black the same categories, respectively, for jeeps. Everyone is marked on the map, on all extent of everyone there are special pebbles with multi-colored strelochka. If, God forbid, something occurs, medical and any other care will be immediately given, and is absolutely free. However, the come tearing along help will surely consult the map. If unexpectedness happened not on the line the state of the established route, it is necessary to pay, and it is a lot of.

Timna - paradise for foot walks of different level of complexity. Here come one by one and the companies: wander, ascend, arrange camps around the radonic lake of incredibly blue color. It is necessary much difficult. Showed us a sinestrelochny route on the bed of the dried-up river and in many respects repeating it krasnostrelochny. Takes the breath away! Steep slope, taluses, deceptive proximity of the following hill where so there is a wish to get.

I so understand that only - to rock-climbers a rare opportunity to track a strange metamorphosis of early morning - drying of neighboring mountains from night moisture is available to fans. It occurs almost instantly, but unusually enticing to observe how slopes change color. Scientists, when conducted researches, determined drying speed deeply in mines. And so, after two o`clock in the afternoon underground categorically it is impossible to be - temperature is crucially high. In Ancient Egypt the LABOUR CODE was not. Life expectancy on the mine, high - mortality was low.

We leave Timna... As someone spoke in the famous children`s movie - “chemistry“ occurred. Excursion? And what excursion? I did not listen. All information can be read in the Network or the corresponding books. The main thing for me - power of the place. Timn`s park in this plan out of any doubts is worthy visits. Our guide, by the way, too was quite energetichen.