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Modern school... and whether it is necessary in general? Give

, reflect and why, in general, the high school is necessary? And, the main thing to whom it is necessary? We somehow already got used that all children attend school, and it is necessary even not for adult, but children. I am going to show today what actually we have reasons to torment the child within ten years while he cannot resist.

In principle, at us so it is full of morons, and without school education so...

Another matter - methods present teaching. I would return the Soviet school.

And as for the higher education where besides a profile subject train in basic bases - algebra, Russian, literature etc. Philosophy besides what for? That the person possessed the knowledge base, but it was not connected on hands by the only ability, let us assume, to bake rolls.

It is better to be learned, properly, that then not on a frost to sell pancakes, and to be engaged in business which to be pleasant to you.

It is natural that knowledge is necessary. But not all that we were given at school. Specialization at least of a class with 1 &ndash is actually really necessary; 9. The profound knowledge of philosophy, and to the historian &ndash is not obligatory for the same baker at all; full understanding of chemistry and physics. And our education system does of them poor mediocre pupils (and that with a big stretch at a big request and financial aid to teachers unnecessary to this person of objects).

Simply still matter and that someone has to be engaged in it, in Vasya Pupkin to make out future sales manager, and in Petya Ivanov - the carpenter - a derevshchik. Easier to give all same, and you already will choose from all this close to you. No, well if I hate history, well the mathematician I, technical science of people, same does not mean that I should not study it.

All - each intelligent person has to know history of the country, at least vkration.

As well as the humanist has to be able to count at least a discriminant too

At school give a GENERAL idea about the world.

Now this general idea too profound... Children in the fourth class study informatics and economy... And far not superficially study. Personally it seems to me that the economy is not necessary to the fourth-grader. As a result - children plainly do not know anything...

That`s it therefore I consider that the Soviet education was the best. From superfluous were, perhaps history CPSU

And now at elementary school, according to some Fildiperstova are engaged.

Generally, the first half a year on mathematics consider as leaflets, sticks, candies, florets... And only in the second half of the year declares: And there are people, invented figures ...

And USE it... Any computer will not check true knowledge better than ordinary Marya Ivanov!!! You missed a section - and the point is not included! Idiocy! The graduate with ease can receive the two on USE from - for the fact that he instead of a cross in a section answers is admissible, a stick will note! and all - do not arrive, the two received! Though correct answers.

NEVER the school student to learn to think, reflect on these tests.

By the way, the usual scheme for the test, is a question, 4 versions of the answer... two fly away at once, there are two which differ only in a word. But even if you will remember how there, in the textbook was literally, then the correct answer - another.

So... The best way of implementation of tests, turns out - to put crosses on good luck and perhaps will carry. Because I do not know that they check, but definitely not knowledge.

All aspire to « now; to independent examination i.e. to bring everything to automatism.

Well who here wants to study those study and very well. But also goofs and in these 90% of wine of parents come across... it is so much mummies and daddies shouting that my child will not do it because it at me special, and you here lousy teachers sit on the closets and do not lean out... I take a detached view of these wars, and it becomes very sad, tore up three skins earlier and all studied who did not study, on those found measures, and they studied too, but still remember all school material.

I people - that grew up normal. Now in principle nothing especially changed, but to meet normal people very hard. It is necessary to collect as rare butterflies.

And that who has from the birth in the head a spatial anomaly - obviously also the school will not help.

Now here children at receipt in school take examination... Who is not able to read, consider, to write, get to a class for lagging behind... And at the same time in 11 years of school they cannot learn to put commas. It is unlikely parents to such an extent changed. Something else changed, only what?

Parents did not change, the relation of people changed... The country exchanged all-. By the way, practically all teachers against USE, but it very few people concerns.

Just to us try to get foreign system, disregarding features of the Russian mentality. Here in general it is difficult to assume what will give the necessary effect in Russia... However the fact that the American education system cannot get accustomed and yield at us necessary result already at anybody does not raise doubts.

But hands itch thirst of ostentatious work and therefore it is necessary to look quietly at how at schools will learn what howls at night on benches.

Unfortunately... Not all, not everyone teaches something...

Then is valid, it is necessary to come to a conclusion that the Soviet education system was best of all. Because, having read as write present 15 - 17 - summer... Or did not go to school at all, or all - this system is not effective. Some now do not even suspect about existence of commas, and to write the word of average complexity without mistakes... 1 of 100 will be able

Yes, sadly to look at present pupils... drunk, shouting a mat, with a cigarette in teeth fifth-graders, do not cause delight. And education hogwash. And the school nevertheless is necessary. She helps to make the choice and in general it is good life experience in respect of communication with herself equal. I support an education system of the previous generation - our fathers and mothers.

But without discussion, even such school is necessary. Or all - return to rock painting is more preferable?

Then well, give all since seven years - at once in technical schools. With compulsory education to such subject as Vakh daragy watch what » brochette;. As a result full degradation, but all are happy.