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Modern army. What is it?

Army are a mirror of society, it reflects all segments of the population, shows all our problems which we face in real life, but in army it is much brighter and more accurate. I consider what everyone “student and the graduate student“ why cleaned Military departments from HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS has to do military service? what will we do if war suddenly begins??? Where our men? Yes reduction of service - a sensitive issue someone says that it is better - someone considers that he is not present... even more I upset the fact that having given armies all life people sometimes do not receive even housing... and once it was prestigious the HUSBAND - the MILITARY... really all this in the past?

Many are disturbed by a question about reduction of service life. Personally I consider it as the wrong and low-justified attempt to get rid of mowers and a hazing. I think, you should not speak about my relation to army, I am proud of our army though every family has its black sheep.

all have to get Primary military education at schools. It just those to whom it will seem especially interesting and, perhaps main business in life, - arrive on service, and those who work in other branches - let pay the state a certain “tax on army“. It would be a guarantee of good financing of VS, and also a measure of release from service, thus, in my opinion, it is possible to improve really service conditions, to raise quality of training of staff, a condition of accommodation of the military personnel and their families. over time when carrying out such reforms - in army there will be more people who serve not from the fact that more anywhere cannot prove (now such in army much), and from the fact that the service in army is pleasant to them, and they in case of armed conflict will protect the Homeland and a body, and most, main - soul.

The army is a part of our society. What happens in society - that is reflected also in army. Really someone seriously thinks that boys are the grandfathers beating young soldiers would not beat in the same way the peers on the citizen???

the Increased level of uneasiness and aggression in society is reflected also in army. There is no big country without strong army. It is a pity that now the service in army is not honourable for children...

Very long ago did not see delighted with those who served in army. Well, friends there, relatives it is in the order of things. But in the majority the Army now is only abused also many do not want to give the children there. The army has to do of the boy the man, and in the majority does moral freaks.

As for a hazing, it was, is and will be. A question in another. “Fish goes rotten by the head“. I am killed by officers of our VS. I do not say that at all, but at the majority of intelligence zero. And nonsense, as we know, generates rage and violence who suffers from it, know. The concept of officer honor at many, carrying shoulder straps with asterisks, was washed away or in general is absent in consciousness. Of course, it does not concern to fighting officers, it is rather to parquet. Many tolstozady generals even never participated in military operations, having ensured office growth by communications. For an example: in America 10000 privates, in Russia 100 are the share of one general. (official data for the beginning of 2000)

the Ministry of Defence declared that I will be mounted the cameras of video of supervision in barracks to lower crime and the extra authorized relations, I do not know whether these measures will be effective...

Is one positive moment in our army. Very easy from it to otkosit. Money in principle not and it is necessary much, 60 - 90 thousand. It is even cheaper to agree with doctors. The child besides can be brought. And sposobprosto continuous flight very well works - the main thing especially not to shine so far the appeal goes.