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Who such Stalin? And whether the USSR needed it???

, Stalin, seem to me, the USSR was necessary. In total - he made huge business for the country. Were afraid of it, so respected. And the country was respected. Here to return us Stalin, for a while, on a two-three of days now. He during this time would force to respect the Russian Federation, it seems to me. Let by rough methods, but it is productive.


Cancelled nobody negative sides of its leadership of the USSR. In total - it seems to me, he sometimes went too far.

during Stalin`s government was shot so many worthy, clever, talented people that our country still suffers from it.

of Hm... But, Germans would shoot more. Without it there would be no victory... And the winner is not judged, so still old men Romans spoke... And they that, in my opinion, were not little fools at all.

For such huge and different country as the USSR, was necessary the strict governor.

Stalin was the leader, strong stood on the feet and resisted... It is not excluded that if not his cruelty - war we would lose... When the general receives the order to come, it comes because knows if that not so - removal from a position at best... And if it would not be we and were at war as Germans... Not meaning that we could compete with them is just hardly... Preparation not that... And meaning that would be given at each opportunity, but would not jump under tanks and on machine guns...

Executions, and innocent death of brilliant people of our country - of course a negative side of government of Stalin. But! Together with them shot also villains and the REAL traitors of the Homeland. It is huge minus and that together with people who committed a crime shot people who something superfluous is simple blurted out about the power, policy, etc. And it is not good what them on an equal basis was considered as traitors of the Homeland. Simply, in our country nothing can be moderately - either a full miss, or anything. And it is rather not terror. Beat the that strangers were afraid - this that. Stalin by such methods tried to put the country in IDEAL order. It turned out at it, or not - I do not undertake to judge. But he was respected. Also were afraid. And the. And strangers.

I respect, Stalin as the personality, and I consider that a victory in the Great Patriotic War his merit, and repressions at that time were a necessary measure for establishing order.

Why consider Stalin as such awful tyrant now and if to remember Pyotr 1 and Ivan the Terrible they too rigidly ruled the country, and just in their boards Russia became, it is respected by Europe and centralized?!

A if to remember Nikolay 2 and execution of peaceful demonstration, nevertheless, even canonized him how you look at it?

But it is only my opinion