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Apple iPad. Evolution or revolution?

at the beginning of April in the USA began sales of the new tablet computer which Apple calls “The best device for the Internet, e-mail, photos and video“. Whether so it actually? Let`s try to understand.

For the last decade functions of the computer considerably extended - from especially specialized device it turned into the home center of entertainments providing not only games (it was earlier), but also movies, books, music, communication, and even (dream of fantasts of the past) video telecommunication. Emergence in large quantities of the available wireless Internet became the following step forward that allowed “to untie“ the computer from the socket and to make it really mobile. It without any irony, really the step forward, is much more convenient to read the favourite website, lying on a sofa, but not sitting in office chair in “workplace“... The understanding that the most part of time the home computer is used only for reading and that the keyboard is not always necessary became a further step. So there were easy and portable tablet computers which first models entered the market a few years ago. However and minuses at them was much, basic of which - the low productivity and small operating time from batteries. Is, of course, also pocket computers, however viewing of the movie or web - - the inch screen it is difficult to call pages with 3 though how many - or comfortable.

of iPad - advantages

So what was made by the Apple company? They rather precisely experienced a market niche and desires of those consumers for which the ordinary laptop is too bulky, and the pocket computer too small.

Ideally, users would like to have the device having the following potential:

- ease and compactness,

- rather big and high-quality screen allowing to look through movies or loaded with the text and graphics of web - pages,

- the long time of autonomous work allowing not to think of that how soon it is necessary to look for the socket for recharge,

- noiselessness of work and absence in any fans and moving parts.

What turned out in practice? It is necessary to notice what practically on all above-mentioned iPad points quite satisfies to desires of the user. It is the compact and silent device (its weight only 700 g at a thickness of 14 mm) possessing qualitative IPS - the screen with diagonal 9. 7 inches, capable to work without recharge more than 10 hours. By the way, iPad is capable to be recharged from USB port thanks to what it is possible not to take the separate adapter of food in distant trips that is also very quite good (at many laptops the power supply unit is almost comparable to wires on the weight and dimensions with the computer).

And at last, the main plus - low, in comparison with ultraportable computers, the price. The price of basic model makes only $499 that is quite comparable to many smartphones and “e-books“ which have much more limited set of functions. Also for comparison, the cost of the ultraportable computer of Samsung of Q1U, makes more than $1000.

By the way, despite the lack of the keyboard, it is possible to work with documents nevertheless - iPad is capable to remove the keyboard directly on the screen, at desire it is possible to buy in addition external, connected by means of Bluetooth.

of iPad - shortcomings

Alas, ideal in this world does not happen, and iPad not an exception. From shortcomings of this system it is possible to allocate the following.

- the Non-standard user interface. The Apple company relied on management of fingers and the touch screen, and here the “classical“ mouse was forgotten, alas. Rather controversial decision especially as iPad has bluetooth and support of external keyboards so lack of support of “mouse“ is purely program restriction.

- the Non-standard operating system. Unfortunately, on iPad it will not turn out to start Photoshop or especially, 1C. Of course, the market of programs for iPad is very big, but some moments at the choice of the software need to be meant.

- Lack of a chamber, USB socket and slot of memory cards. Memory in iPad cannot be essentially expanded since there is no card slot of memory in the device just. It is very inconvenient to load it, for example, movies in a distant trip it will not turn out any more. Though it is possible to buy the optional block «iPad Camera Connection Kit“, but convenience of such mechanism is very doubtful.

- Focus on online - services. It is both plus, and device minus. On the one hand, probably it is convenient when the program, the movie or the book it is possible to buy online directly by means of a device and to look right there. On the other hand, loading of movies and programs from free resources is much more habitual for Russian-speaking users... Of course, it is possible to load the downloaded movie on the device nevertheless, but it will demand use of the computer for loading and converting. whether

the Conclusion

Should get Apple iPad? There is no definite answer here, everything depends on the requirements and tasks assigned to the electronic device. On market positioning, iPad it is rather “sofa“ computer intended generally for reading web - the websites, books, e-mail, communication on social networks, viewing of movies or rollers. If the device is necessary for these purposes, then purchase of iPad will be quite good acquisition much more convenient what the “e-books“ offered now. If more serious work connected with editing bulky documents is required, then it is better to look towards more functional devices.