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How to start the necessary communications or What is a netvorking?

the Most ancient business - wisdom say: communications solve everything! If private life somehow can be equipped and all alone (purely theoretically), then business is always the relations of people. Here without ability to tie the necessary communications in general there is nothing to do.

I here to such social communications, thanks to which the success is provided (or failure), of any business, leisure Americans gave the separate name “netvorking“ (from English net - a network, and of work - work).

Of course, all of us know how a personal contact is important. Well, the nobility - we know that and that we do? Or anything, or... So, we do chaotic “gestures“, we visit some “actions“ …

On the question “What Is a Netvorking?“ the answer can be given quite simply is a science how to start social communications, necessary, useful to business. Too nobody will find it difficult to answer the question “Why It Is Necessary?“. It is just necessary. And here the question “How to Start These Communications?“ of many will nonplus. Well, not to meet on the street the first comer. How to learn whether the person will be useful to you in the future, whether it “will set up“ you, having learned a certain classified information?

Here these questions are also answered by a netvorking.

So, give one after another. It is difficult to overestimate advantage of “the necessary people“ in business. And this “necessity“ often cannot be defined differently as experimentally, practically. It both expansion of influence, and faster introduction business - processes, and the effective solution of external and internal problems … And business - the people far from your business can throw up ideas and in general.

And here is how to look for these “the necessary people“?

1. Pay attention to the acquaintances. Usually experts call these people “the first circle of acquaintances“. Get pass - a card file, collect data what you can only find on everyone a little - malsk of the useful person. Separately allocate categories - the family, colleagues, friends (girlfriends, schoolmates, classmates …), those with whom we communicate on “extra working“ interests (sport, a hobby etc.) . Perhaps there are people with whom did not communicate for a long time. How are they? That changed in their life? What can all these people be useful to personally you? What circle of acquaintances at them?

2. Analysis of “familiar your acquaintances“. It “the second circle of acquaintances“. For certain, if it is good to think, it is possible to isolate among your familiar familiar people who can be useful to you in something. Even purely theoretically. Also it is necessary to give up personal acquaintance them. Through personal representation, the recommendation of people from the first circle. So these people will move from “the second circle“ to “first“, and, except advantage of them, you get access already to their to “the first circle“. Expanding an own network of personal acquaintances, you not only with increase efficiency, but also get bigger weight in the close circles. And it is worth a lot. Especially in business - circles.

3. Professional clubs, advanced training courses and even corporate actions can become excellent “we weed hunting“ for the necessary people. Only it is necessary to approach such “hunting“ with an invention.

4. Internet. Non-use of this resource can be the biggest mistake for business of any scale. Misuse - too. It is necessary to approach search of the necessary communications very carefully and professionally. To make the analysis of the necessary networks, communities where people necessary to you hang out.

5. Among the people having the interests, similar to you, which are not relating directly to work too there can be many useful people. Ask them not only about a hobby, but also about work (and business). You look, you will come across such “gold nugget“ about which even did not suspect. And only it is also necessary - slightly more, than the ordinary, “normal“ person to be interested in both this person, and a circle of its acquaintances.

6. And most important council. Do not wait, “so far the thunder will burst“. It is necessary to build a network of the necessary people long before these necessary people are necessary for you. When “bursts a thunder“, these people already have to be. Therefore it is always necessary to be engaged in a netvorking, anywhere and everywhere.

The most widespread mistakes by search of the necessary people. have some of them.

1. Only to take and to give nothing. The principle “You to me - I to you“ at the same time is broken and when very strongly secures“, the person can ignore your request.

2. Self-praise and frank deception. All secret once becomes obvious. Of course, do not pay for modesty, but it is better to do more, than expect from you.

3. Discrepancy to an image. Though it cannot also be considered as a mistake, but if you, for example, want to prove to be burned business - the lady, then the image of the glamourous blonde at a business meeting will obviously unsettle all participants and will stain your business reputation. Though the statement it not absolute, pleasant exceptions or result of skillfully counted strategy can be absolutely return.

And, of course, it is necessary to consider not only advantage, but also danger of the environment. “Everything that you will tell, can be used against you“. needs to Remember this phrase from the Hollywood fighters constantly. And what you do constantly is under vigilant supervision of your immediate environment. So you remember, in hard times the part of your acquaintances will inevitably turn away from you, and many will try to benefit by yours problems. There`s nothing to be done! Both business, and life in general - a cruel game. It is necessary to remember it always!

Generally these common truths seem banal. However, for example, for studying of how the social trust reduces operational costs, the American economist Oliver Vilyamson in 2009 became Nobel Prize laureate on economy. So that`s that. And even the necessary people including as objects of scientific research helped here.

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks while the others look for work. You can have grandiose idea or production. But they will become successful only when you have a network through which it is possible to report about it to people“ (Robert Kiyosaki).

You want to be rich, and?