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Antidepressants. Whether always they help?

First of all - what is a depression? This psychological frustration which is characterized by deterioration in mood, inability to endure pleasure, motive block. The depression is followed by decrease in a self-assessment, loss of interest in life and habitual activity. Usually the depression passes by itself, but if it proceeds a long time, for 4 - 6 months, it can already be considered as a mental disease.

Especially the satiated and successful population of the USA and Western Europe which is giving in at collision with rigid realities of the life when they happen has depressions. Strangely enough, in such countries, safe for the population, for example, as Sweden, is observed the greatest number of suicides. Therefore drugs - the antidepressants helping to cope with a depression are there in the list of the most sold medicines. Due to treatment of depressions the huge army of psychotherapists which on number is inferior only to lawyers is fed there.

But we have reasons for depressions and in Russia. Antidepressants are intended for smoothing of a depression, reduction of manifestation of its symptoms (melancholy, despondency, fear, indifference to everything, unwillingness to live etc.) . Overcoming these symptoms by means of drugs, the doctor finds contact with the patient having a depression more simply finds to it a way to recovery easier, convinces him of need of further drug intake.

However at the same time it is necessary to know that any antidepressants show effect not at once, and in a week - another of their regular reception. This time is necessary that the preparation managed to interfere with thin processes of interaction between brain cages, and then promoted change of a ratio of noradrenaline, serotonin and dopamine - the substances responsible for display of a depression.

The choice of medicine for treatment of a depression - the task difficult for any doctor whatever skilled it was because even the best antidepressants work selectively, helping one person, but not influencing another. As claims Century. Nolen, professor of the Groningen university, at the use of antidepressants to receive one case of the valid treatment, it is necessary to treat seven patients. At the same time three from them will not react to medicine in any way, three will have a simplification at the expense of “placebo - effect“ (placebo - drugs - baby`s dummies), and only one medicine really will help. And it suits many doctors because it in practice means that four of seven patients recover.

In our country which most of the population is anxious absolutely with other problems, not depressions and the qualified psychotherapists are practically absent, idea of a depression is so distorted that is one continuous myth. Many consider that the depression - at all and not an illness and therefore it is not necessary to treat her - itself will pass. These are just trifles, that`s nothing unusual, to all sometimes it happens. And some just show off, will not bother yet. Opposite point of view: you have a depression? Means, you are a loony, and the place to you - in a madhouse. And will put in a mental hospital, will report for work - and everything, life is ended.

Sometimes such relation is provoked by a condition of our medicine, the attitude of doctors towards patients of this sort. Some consider that the depression is a trait of character, it forever. Absolutely on the contrary - at the correct treatment at the good expert it is possible to forget about an illness forever. Many are afraid to accept antidepressants, considering that they cause dependence. It is a lie. In the same way it is possible to tell that sweets which many so love, cause dependence.

There are people who, having defined at itself a depression, appoint to themselves treatment independently. And this is already dangerous. Antidepressants - strongly active ingredients which the doctor has to appoint individually, especially dosages. The popular belief is the most frequent that reception of antidepressant can be stopped at any time. It is quite misleading and very dangerous. If to throw a course of treatment when transformations in a brain from it at the peak, the depression can not only return, but also again will arise in the worst look, and there will be side effects - nausea, vomiting and others.

Advocates of natural products consider that it is better to be treated for a depression by herbs as any chemistry - it is harmful. But practice shows that, at best, the effect of treatment by herbs either is absent, or is shown very at a distant day. And in any case it is necessary to consult to the doctor. It is even more ridiculous to accept homeopathic remedies from a depression - only the fanatical faith in them can help here.

After rough world hobby for antidepressants there came sobering up. It turned out that the valid efficiency of antidepressants, including also the latest, “very best“, makes about 50%. And there is a lot of reasons for that. Efficiency of the same antidepressant changes from the patient to the patient. It depends, including, and from a genotype of the person. Very often brings the incorrect diagnosis when treat “not for that“.

And the most important reason - the fact that antidepressants work only symptomatically, that is on illness symptoms, and on its reason cannot work in principle. They can bring the person out of that disease state into which the depression drove it, to make more adapted in society, and it is necessary the help of the psychotherapist for identification and elimination of the reason of a depression which usually lies out of the person, in a family or in society further.

A lot of things depend also on the person. If its activity is accompanied by stresses and mental tension, then prevention of developing of a depression is important. And it at all not smoking, alcohol and drugs, and, on the contrary, healthy lifestyle. First of all, this maintenance of the correct mode of a dream and rest. The best dream - from 21 h to 5 h. At this time the rest-hour is equivalent to two. It is regularly necessary to accustom to eat, in the same hours, at least 3 times a day. At the same time about 70% of food should be consumed to 15 h, and for this purpose it is necessary to rise a bit earlier that appetite appeared by 7 - 8 o`clock. It is necessary to increase physical activities, but without overstrain. For example, walking on 5 - 10 km a day, from work and for work, quite compensates sedentary work. Very positively bathing works in the pool. Generally, the mental overstrain needs to be balanced with physical fatigue.

All the same you will not earn all money, you will not shoot all movies, you will not write all books etc. But all have an idea of a healthy lifestyle, only not all embody it in reality. And it is a pity!