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What are students ill?

Are interesting that in former times students were considered as such whippets whom wind can blow off. The set of jokes narrates about how really blew off students as they were taken for the thrown clothes and so on. However, this medal had also other party: as a result it appeared that this “ninny“ who is blown off by an easy breeze is capable to cope with many difficulties, to overcome nearly crowd of hooligans, having dispersed them abstracts of lectures. Typical idea of the student of last times is “Operation “Y“ and other adventures of Shurik“.

What is characteristic, so is that mostly students also were such. At least, in what concerned health. Especially students of technical colleges - not without reason medical examinations of entrants were quite rigid. Now requirements decreased. Whether there are not enough persons interested to graduate, whether there is not enough health at the most part of the population.

Presently students, as well as all others, are concerned about a healthy lifestyle. The numerous advertizing eating in ears and eyes from screens of TVs, from posters and posters reports what needs to be eaten and drunk how to play sports to be healthy and beautiful. Yogurts and kefirs with bioadditives, various dietary supplements, occupations in the pool, exotic vegetables and fruit, fitness - clubs, walks in the evenings and SPA - salons - all this is advertized and, it is necessary to recognize, looks very attractive.

Yes, not similar pleasures in life are available to all students. However those who independently earn for study usually are able to afford also SPA - procedures, and the pool, and many other things. Of course, not every day, but with sufficient degree of a regularity. It is considered that it helps to support itself in a tone, to form and keep an ideal figure, to increase immunity to various diseases. And students with yogurt jars became the habitual phenomenon at all: the girl tries to keep a figure, to postroynet, become stronger - nothing strange.

Against a similar way of life at all the fact that many diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path became almost indispensable accessory of the student`s environment is surprising. And gastritises and stomach ulcers at all strongly registered in higher education institutions, they even are called now by “student`s diseases“. Twenty years ago on the first courses of higher education institutions there were only 2 - 3% of students with gastritis. Today them already to 30 - 35%. And figures constantly grow. And to older years the quantity having gastritis increases to 60 - 65%. It turns out that despite all rushes to a healthy lifestyle and food, students gradually turn into those whippets who are so vividly described in folk comical art. There is a natural question - why?

Very strange picture turns out. At first sight, we eat better, we play sports more, we keep to various revitalizing diets and so on. And at the same time - the amount of health promptly decreases by the population unit. In the student`s environment it is especially noticeable that students usually are young people who just by definition should be strong and healthy.

But pay attention to a real way of life of the student who earns quite real money for payment of the study. It is forced to be broken off between study and work. He is busy at the same time with studying of the higher mathematics and career development. He plays sports and eats sausage with yogurt.

By the way, the problem of most of students consists in food. Being engaged in both study, and work, such student usually suffers an acute shortage of time for cooking. It is good if he lives with parents, and careful mother can force the son to swallow a bowl of soup. And if is not present? Here - that inastupat the period of yogurt and sausage.

It is necessary to consider that how advertized yogurt, it nevertheless is not good nutrition. And the fact that regularly replace with it a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner does not promote improvement of an organism at all. But is the fine invitation to diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path. If to approach yogurt from the point of view of - to eat and gorge on, then gastritis will not keep itself waiting.

Smoked cheese sticks, chips, various “beer snack“ - all this potential gastritis, and even stomach ulcer. At the same time the majority of these products is not unhealthy at all. But the matter is that they should not be the only food.

By the way, physical activities (occupations on exercise machines, the pool and so on) at similar food only increase probability of emergence and development of diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path. And lack of physical activities leads to decrease in immunity. And besides - to developing of various diseases.

It is necessary to notice that receiving the higher education due to own health is not ideal option at all. Moreover, such system in a root is vicious. Today you earn on training payment and therefore you neglect requirements of own organism. But tomorrow, having gained the diploma, you should apply all the knowledge and abilities to earn on payment of doctors and drugs.

On language and the Odessa question asks: it is necessary for you? Whether health is simpler to see to it about the in advance. And to give nevertheless a couple of hours in day to food. Even if and having torn off them from study or work. Because differently neither the diploma, nor the most prestigious work will give you joy.