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When diets are harmful?

Everyday occurrence: young girls discuss the last modern diet allowing to get rid of a two-three of “excess“ kilograms or to get into jeans one size smaller. In fashion - the lean symmetry turning with a time into dystrophic leanness.

But here small nuance. Twenty - thirty years ago (earlier) Cesarean section at childbirth was very extraordinary phenomenon meaning that with health of the woman in labor something not as it should be. The same and with stimulation of patrimonial activity: the corresponding ukolchik was done not in all cases at all. Today Cesarean section gradually turns nearly into the ordinary, and preparations stimulating patrimonial activity are considered as standard procedure at all.

The young girls who are so carefully caring for a figure that eat a yogurt jar in day actually refuse subsequently to give birth to the child. In spite of the fact that they consider themselves as adult women, their organism is at a formation stage (at a final stage of formation, but nevertheless). And in order that process of formation came to the end normally, the organism needs good nutrition. And it is, besides, not yogurt with a salad leaf at all. Trying to keep an ideal figure, girls refuse many vitamins and mineral substances which to them are vital. Usual result is increase in volume of work at gynecologists.

But there is more to come. The lack of vitamins and mineral substances leads also to other diseases. Certainly, suffers from the first zheludochno - an intestinal path. Considering it and so gets what at the beginning of independent life at refusal of “mother`s kitchen“, creation of additional problems in the form of a diet is undesirable at all. Otherwise - hi, gastritis! After zheludochno - an intestinal path goes warmly - vascular system.

You are very much meteozavisima? You suffer from frequent migraines? You turn the head? You badly remember names, addresses and faces? You do not remember contents of the movie watched a week ago? Check - than and as you eat. Perhaps, you too were fond of fashion on a thin figure, and as a result received vegeto - vascular dystonia. Heart failure and other “delights“ warmly - vascular system can be too result of careful observance of the next diet which deprives an organism of substances, vital for its normal functioning.

The separate fairy tale - food during works involving all hands. For example, during institute session or “blockage“ at work. Many consider that here - that definitely not to food. It is necessary to catch up and overtake all that is missed during a semester. To tie up all loose ends. To make all course. To pass an obstacle course of offsets and examinations. Or - not to sleep at the nights, but to make all work which was not made within a month in three days. What here food! Well if from culinary department of the nearest shop. But you never paid attention that after it march - it is bright for study or work drowsiness appears? Headaches become frequent, tachycardia (tachycardia) can develop.

Yes, the organism was overstrained. Sleepless nights before examination, feverish searches of the necessary material on the Internet, bustle on all “tails“ - all this, of course, not too pleases an organism. But if at the same time it is normal to eat, then negative impact of similar tension of all forces can be reduced significantly. And if to continue to fight against an extra kilo, then the negative will increase, and together with it - and threat for health which can pass into a chronic disease.

Therefore before to go on any diet before to begin to fight against surplus of weight, it is necessary to consult with the dietitian. It is very possible that surplus - is imagined, and the diet which is advised by girlfriends will lead to serious problems with health. And even if really there is some excess weight, it is necessary to choose the right time even for fight against it.

So it is better to learn to cook bulyonchik, than to exhaust itself in the apple and kefiric days. Especially as it is proved - similar “dietary“ food practically does not influence excess weight and promotes weight loss a little.