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International hostility. Way out?

will be remembered the Leaving week to Muscovites for a long time. The explosions at Lubyanka and Park of Culture metro stations which thundered on Monday morning cast inhabitants and guests of the capital into horror and fear. The tragedy claimed tens of the human lives …. Mourning in Moscow. Mourning in Russia.

In memory of the victims of acts of terrorism Muscovites bring flowers and candles to the subway.

On semi-life, on a half step, lives in anything not guilty people were cut short. Someone`s hand a terrible image, one pressing of the button left civilians without mother, the father, the brother, the sister, the daughter, the son.

It is considered to be that the trouble unites people regardless of their national identity and religion. But, unfortunately, current situation in Moscow indicates the opposite.

Acts of terrorism in the capital subway were negatively reflected in all Caucasians. Now each Muslim is considered as the potential suicide bomber. Along with employees of the law enforcement agencies which strengthened passport control and subjected Caucasians to careful check, peculiar measures for safety are undertaken by simple citizens. At the sight of the Caucasian or just “non-russian“ some of the embittered Muscovites behave extremely inadequately. There are cases of attack and beating of women - Muslims in the subway in the face of militiamen and passengers. But for some reason similar actions do not arouse at people around of indignation and indignation. They indifferently watch how the man “heroically“ beats the woman only because she is a Muslim and carries a scarf. The most terrible that the mood and behavior of residents of the capital are warmed up by mass media and certain politicians who add fuel to the fire.

People became extremely categorical in the judgments and in the attitude towards Muslims. Many began to consider that Islam is the evil. And all Muslims are criminals. But unless the religion can be the evil?! Angrily is an our defective outlook. If near us there are such terrible things, then it is a sign that society our sick, affairs at us are unsuccessful. Values and priorities are displaced to the area of material.

There can be no speech about religion. All world religions serve as means of comprehension Divine. And comprehension is impossible without concepts of Love, Vera, Morality. Whether tell us about something these words?! Unless the reasonable person will shed blood of the brother, being guided by love and belief?!

The suicide bombers calling themselves shahids and shahids are sick people who descended from a way true. Blowing up, they sincerely believe that sacrifice themselves for the sake of God Allah. This, certainly, big delusion. Sadly, when religious fanatics are put in one row with the believing Muslims, and extremism is associated with Islam. We are adults and have to understand that the terrorism has no nationality and religion. If and it is favorable to someone, being covered behind religion to carry out the terrible plans, then it does not belong to pure traditional Islam in any way.

We got used to judge people and the phenomena categories “well“ and “badly“, we feel more quietly when we find guilty and we bring down on him the saved-up aggression and hatred, we rejoice and fondly we believe that the superficial solution is a way out. And the problem was and is. It is necessary not to fight against terrorism, and to establish its reasons and to eradicate them. Only in this case the undertaken measures will yield result. And now, the most important, it is necessary to unite all people to overcome the evil under the name religious extremism and terrorism. To show to the enemy that Together we force. We - Russia!!! We won and we will win!

I express sincere condolences to the family of the victims of acts of terrorism in Moscow.