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How to learn a foreign language abroad?

to have the higher education and not the nobility of any foreign language Presently it is considered even indecent. Improbable and impossible. Besides, many specialties just demand knowledge of language and most of employers expose an indispensable condition - that the employee was not simply able to read, say, in English, but also fluently spoke this language. You never know, suddenly it is necessary to receive foreign guests. And the solid companies work not only in the homeland, but also abroad that means also correspondence in a foreign language, and communication on it.

Alas, it is not necessary to count on a course of a foreign language which is taught in higher education institution. Unless it is institute of foreign languages. In other cases - and their absolute majority - it is necessary to learn language independently. The high school program does not consider a set of nuances which can be required at future work and it to it and does not aspire, from it it is only required to supply the student with basic knowledge, and he has to develop them already.

Naturally, having come to such obvious conclusion, those for whom foreign language skills mean more prestigious work with the corresponding increase of the income, go to courses on learning of foreign languages which, fortunately, there is a set now.

However, the quantity does not mean quality, and courses should be chosen with all fault-finding, paying attention and to that, what is the time this or that organization already works at the market of providing similar services, and on the number of teachers, and on their quality.

But now the speech is a little about another. About learning of foreign language abroad - recently similar courses gain popularity. It is not surprising, it is better to learn a foreign language really in that country in which in it speak. However, and there are nuances.

Look slightly above: “in that country in which on it speak“. Therefore if courses on studying of English in Germany are offered you - you can safely refuse them. Much cheaper will also attend more effectively courses in the hometown. Believe, both the German, and Russian teachers know English approximately equally, Russian it is even better. And the language environment around - not English. So the result from similar courses will be doubtful.

One more moment relating already to various dialects, local reprimands and volume to similar.

Small history for a thought illustration. Not so long ago young programmer learning English on specialized courses in England for the first time communicated with the customer from the USA. Via ICQ so misunderstanding of voice communication were excluded. But at parting the American customer wrote a certain phrase which brought the young man to a stupor state. In his opinion - the customer cursed also him, and the performed work. However all previous conversation excluded such interpretation of written.

Neither dictionaries, nor wise “uncle Gugl“ could help the programmer. The friend, living in the USA helped out two years. It appears, the doubtful phrase was only friendly farewell. Such local slang expression. Which, certainly, neither in England, nor on the Russian English language courses is not taught. It is good that communication happened via ICQ, otherwise, at a personal meeting, there could be misunderstanding.

Still Mayakovsky wrote that announcements hang on many American elite shops and restaurants: “Here speak in English and understand on - American“. Therefore be defined what English is required to you. Its American option, English, Australian - all of them differ. The same, by the way, relates also to any other language. Properly think: with what citizens of the country you wish to communicate freely and without the aid of transatlantic friends. And respectively choose location of courses. That it was really the country - the carrier of this form of language.

It is optimum to students to use specialized student`s camps abroad. It at the same time both rest, and communication in the corresponding language environment. And here after such student`s camp it is possible to go also to foreign courses on learning of foreign language. Process of training will go much easier.

Do not forget that the choice of the company, the providing service in studying of languages abroad, has to be carried out very carefully. But about it is another time.