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Treatment by amber - medicine or magic?

Ya on a horoscope - the Lion, therefore my stone amber.

When I married, relatives from Kaliningrad presented me an amber beads. I generally not really like to hang up on myself jewelry, but here noticed that when I put on amber, me it becomes good, the head easy, there is a wish to move, to do something. There is so much energy that you do not know where to put it. When I driving, practically am not tired, even when we go very far.

Really, amber - a stone - a riddle. In Ancient Greece amber treated for jaundice, infertility, for malaria and cold, for a craw and for tumors. Amber perfectly burns, the amber smoke was used for a bleeding stop. Amber powder was accepted inside from different frustration, pieces of amber skin diseases treated.

In Ancient Rome peasants carried medallions from amber which served them as protection. They prevented diseases of a thyroid gland, relieved of sore throat and a throat. In the Middle Ages the European physicians registered amber for strengthening of teeth, from skin defeats, at ulcers, migraine, asthma, sleeplessness and other diseases. Stones carried on a body and even did amber powder ointments.

In China “amber syrup“ - the mixture prepared from amber and opium - was used as soothing and spazmolitichesky means. At Poles amber tincture (vodka - a yantarevka) was considered as excellent cold, fever and cough medicine. Powder of amber was smelled as tobacco. Pieces of amber allowed to gnaw to babies when teeth began to be cut.

In Russia amber was called a sea incense, a mythical stone - a stone and considered as a charm. Amber was attribute of church service, the amber crumb was used as the aroma which is adjusting parishioners on communication with the Sky. Germany put on an amber beads a neck to kids that at them strong and healthy teeth grew. And uncertain men in the sexual abilities were treated by vodka, infused several weeks on amber pieces.

I now interest in opportunities of precious and semiprecious stones including amber, it is very big. But what stands behind it? Whether the truth the fact that stones are capable to help with the solution of our problems, or we still are in captivity of medieval delusions and deception?

One of the directions of nonconventional medicine studying impact of natural minerals on a human body and putting this knowledge into practice is called a kristalloterapiya. Of course, today the few doctors seriously treat kristalloterapiya opportunities. And still there are among them enthusiasts who try to inhale new life in the ancient doctrine about advantage of jewels. In Bulgaria, Germany and Switzerland there are even special sanatoria where various diseases are healed only by means of minerals. Modern adherents of a kristalloterapiya try to find a scientific explanation for beneficial influence of stones on an organism.

Aesculapians of Ancient India are considered as founders of a method of treatment as energy of jewels. They believed that pure jewels accumulate in themselves energy of planets and stars, and at a right choice of a stone - the healer of people the notable charge of forces receives. According to the theory, their high power activity, and also the vibrations of their crystal structures corresponding to vibrations of members of the body is the cornerstone of therapeutic effect of crystals.

In a healthy organism of fluctuation of various bodies adhere to a uniform rhythm. When the rhythm of fluctuations in some part of a body changes and begins to be beaten out from the general harmonous order, there is a failure of the vital processes in all organism. And under the influence of crystals the normal rhythm of fluctuations of sick body is restored and after this all organism recovers.

The easiest way to revitalize an organism - to carry a stone with itself long time. During a dream it can be put nearby or under a pillow. It is considered that influence of a stone amplifies if to wear clothes of the same color and from time to time to imagine this color. In fact it is a simple form of meditation and, perhaps, also influences ““internal vibrations“ of an organism.

I will give several examples of curative properties which since ancient times attribute to various natural minerals:

- for the general strengthening of health recommend to carry amethyst, a heliotrope and pearls;

- for protection against influence of negative energy - pearls also fell down;

- for a bleeding stop - hematite;

- at fever, various inflammations, at a liver illness - topaz;

- at nervous breakdowns - amethyst and rock crystal.

For washing, compresses, lotions, enemas and syringings use “curative infusion“. For its preparation it is necessary to place a stone in bank with clear water and to expose for 3 - 5 hours on the sun.

The choice of a curative stone can be defined by its coloring. It is considered that red stones give energy and strength, blue - tranquility and an internal pacification, yellow - a spiritual discharge. Choosing a stone, it is necessary to remember the important rule: it has to be “pure“ (without foreign inclusions) and not to have defects (cracks, emptiness).

And there is a little more information for those who trust in force of stones.

It is not recommended to wear jewelry with 2,4,8,13 stones: for a long time it is noticed that they bring misfortunes to the owners.

To catch good luck for a tail, the knowing people advise to wear jewelry with 1,3. 5,7,9 stones.

The presented or inherited stones have big force. Bought independently really come into force only in several years. And stolen bring misfortune, up to death.

Perhaps, judgments of “useful vibrations“ seemed to someone flimsy, however abilities of amber can please even the most inveterate skeptic. Its properties are not limited to one “vibrations“.

Today amber became the supplier of valuable substance - amber acid which plays an important role in activity of an organism. We still will talk about amber acid...