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Why to spend time for promotion of the blog? 5 good reasons of

you sometime asked a question, for what reason some people are engaged in promotion of own blogs? And sometimes do to

it long, purposefully, without feeling sorry for own efforts, time and money. How to be told, “this energy and in the peace purposes...“))

Having analysed the knowledge of a blogosphere and everything that I know about popular bloggers and their motives, I allocated 5 main reasons:

1. If you are the owner of the popular blog, then it is possible to earn additionally not bad on advertizing.

Here behind examples it is far

you should not go, it is enough to remember a present rating of blogs according to Yandex of Igor Bigdan (livejournal. com) which monthly earns from advertizing in the blog about 3 thousand dollars, the famous designer Artemy Lebedev (livejournal. com), advertizing post in which LJ is estimated at “piece of dollars“ and is enough (ru) for the owner of the best personal blog of the RuNet Tyomma Maynas for bread and butter too.


2. Positioning of as expert

Alex Levitas , the famous consultant for low budget marketing, “began“ with the blog (livejournal. com). The same can be told about “guru“ of infobusiness Andrey Parabellum (livejournal. com) which got a huge number of admirers for 3 years of the bloggerstvo. Igor Mann , the author of several books, the publisher and the most recognizable marketyor Russia, probably too with an ulterior motive finds the time for blogging (ru).

3. The report of own thoughts to broad masses

If suddenly you were

the owner of insider information which “it`s really too much“ on one of mass media (for example, about “a live board“ on MKAD or about that, “As saw in VTB“), then to you a direct road in a blogosphere. And if your thoughts are interesting, and opinions - actual, then you will be able to spread around them by means of the blog “on all Internet“.

What with success are engaged in Alexei Navalny (livejournal. com) or companion Tekhnomad (livejournal. com). In this way also the former major of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexey Dymovsky arrived (name) which video message did in the left year is a lot of noise.

4. Involvement of new clients, if you the owner of business or the freelancer, and partners if you are engaged in network marketing (MLM).

A few years ago Dmitry Smakotin (ru) formulated the concept “Network marketing 2. 0“ which three whales were:

- target audience

- a personal brand

- automation,

using which network sales managers could find partners “on an automatic pilot“, disturbing rest the fellow citizens interested in their offer.

Similarly, thanks to the blog, the famous Minsk blogger Sergey Zhukovsky received orders for development of the websites (codeby. net).

I would be desirable to give Daniil Gridin`s as the last example (ru) - the marketing anti-guru from St. Petersburg which attracted not one ten clients in the infobusiness thanks to own untwisted blog.

5. Increase in own popularity and popularity.


What more untwisted your blog, that people you will be learned on the street, actions and somewhere else more. Over time you will begin to be invited to various “parties“, beginning from blogger displays of the movie and finishing with the Kremlin - there would be time and desire.

If you dream of glory, recognition and popularity, promotion of own blog rather inexpensive way to achieve it.

It is possible to give Evgeny Shestakov`s as examples (livejournal. com) with its flashing humour, Rustem Adagamov`s (livejournal. com) which is known not only the “Campaign to the Kremlin“ and Sergey Dolyu`s (livejournal. com) which thanks to the blogger glory managed “to drive at the expense of advertisers by helicopter“ and also to visit France and Burma.

And you are engaged in promotion of the blog? And for what reasons you do it?