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on the basis of Karl Jung`s theory about types of the personality I formulated the theory which it is possible to study in the book of Old men of V. V. Four types of the personality: technician, psychologist, speaker and theorist. There are four types of the identity of people: technician, psychologist, speaker and theorist. These types differ from each other in the fact that they developed different functions of a brain. At the technician ability to cannon activity is developed, the psychologist has an intuition, the speaker has an oral speech, the theorist has an abstract thinking. In the Ural population the share of speakers makes 46%, technicians - 32%, psychologists - 20%, theorists - 2%.

Such politicians as Yeltsin, Bil Clinton, Luzhkov, Nemtsov, Churchill, de Gaulle, Guchkov, Chernomyrdin, Gorbachev, Zhirinovsky, Alexander of Macedon, the prince Svyatoslav Igorevich, Julius Caesar, False Dmitriy 1 (Grishka Otrepyev), Lenin, Pyotr 1, Ekaterina 2, Khrushchev, Cromwell, Mussolini are speakers. It is possible to draw a conclusion on type of the identity of the politician on the basis of studying of appearance, its biography and detection of his tendencies. The speaker`s signs in policy are the oratorical and talent of a military leader, tendency to adventurism, ability to win elections and in military takeovers, low education level (the speaker often is talented the self-educated person), alcoholism, existence of a large number of friends and colleagues. Speakers are all leaders of country revolts - S. Razin, E. Pugachyov, I. Bolotnikov, K. Bulavin.

Such politicians as Marx, Plekhanov, Brezhnev, Boris Godunov, Vasily Shuysky, Bin Laden, Alexey Mitrofanov, the U.S. President Barack Obama are psychologists. Neron, Kaligula, Ivan the Terrible, Stalin and Hitler were psychologists - tyrants. The psychologist Beria was a candidate for tyrants whom his competitors in race for power destroyed as a result of a military takeover. Signs of the psychologist are the hobby for religion, fiction and social utopias, existence of the long periods of unemployment during life, poverty and tendency, humiliating for men, to live at the expense of friends or women, a large number of wives and mistresses, skill in secret fight. For example, Stalin had the following lines of the psychologist: unfinished spiritual formation, interest in writing of verses in youth, skill in intrigues and in secret fight, lack of a profession in youth, two wives and a large number of mistresses, total absence of talent of a military leader. Hitler had the following lines of the psychologist: dream of a profession of the artist and position of the homeless tramp in youth, refusal to become the official contrary to a father`s advice from - for hostility to routine work, literary talent, mysticism, hobby for vegetarianism and east cults, love to astrology, a favourite role of the prophet during a public statement, high extent of possession of methods of secret fight, absence of talent of a military leader, low success on elections (nazis on elections of 1933 received only 43,9% of votes). Ivan the Terrible had the following lines of the psychologist: literary talent, devotion to fanaticism, skill in intrigues, six lawful wives and a large number of concubines. Marx had the following lines of the psychologist: position of the unemployed during almost all life, hobby for poetry in youth, fanatical obsession utopian ideas and unrealizable dream to become the marshal at the head of revolutionary armies of the proletariat, poverty and readiness to live on money of the friend - the speaker of Engels, existence of a large family, too large volume of compositions.

The psychologist Bin Laden for the first time in the history applied global terror in fight against the USA.

Such politicians as Nikolay 1, Nikolay 2, Alexander 3, Molotov, Kosygin, Zyuganov, presidents J. Bush - younger and J. Bush - the senior, Putin, Medvedev, Gryzlov, Mironov are technicians. All these technicians in policy are born conservatives and creators of an order after the period of reforms or revolution. Technicians well approach for a role of the official, but badly approach for a role of the politician. They get to policy incidentally - on a patronage from executive office or poluchayutprestol by inheritance. They badly own all ways of political struggle - are not able to win elections, badly own methods of secret fight and are not able to organize military takeovers. They are born performers, have low leader abilities and prefer not to risk. For successful conducting secret fight they lack such qualities of character as cunning and insidiousness. For a victory on elections they lack oratorical abilities and ability to be pleasant to public. They prefer to act from a tribune on a piece of paper and are not able to act in free style. The crowd does not like their boring, long and deprived of emotions speeches since only by means of expression of emotions it is possible to influence subconsciousness of the person in crowd. The technician`s signs in policy are the official`s profession in antecedents, conservatism and aspiration to bring order to the country, gray appearance, a manner of a public statement in the form of performance on a piece of paper.

Such politicians as Sorokin, Milyukov, Sobchak, Sakharov, Novodvorskaya and Gaidar, are theorists. The most successful role of the theorist in policy is a role of the adviser at the governor - the reformer who the speaker usually is. This speaker carries out reforms according to councils of the theorist. Sorokin was the personal secretary the prime minister - the minister Kerensky. Sobchak, Sakharov and Gaidar were Yeltsin`s advisers. Attempt of the theorist to play an independent role in policy without support on the speaker always leads to failure.

The theorist`s signs in policy are the profession of the university teacher and an academic degree, panic fear of a public statement, originality and a categoriality of conclusions, some strangeness and oddity of appearance, promotion of offers on political reforms. All theorists were supporters of democratic reforms.

The sociologist Pitirim Sorokin called eight elevators of vertical mobility on which people move up or down steps of a social ladder in the course of the personal career:

• army,

• church,

• school and science,

• policy,

• art,

• press, television, radio,

• business,

• successful marriage.

The first grade on degree of success in policy is the speaker, the second grade - the psychologist, the third grade - the technician, the fourth grade - the theorist. Speakers are able to win such types of a political conflict as elections, revolt and civil war. Speakers are able to operate political party and to order the armed group. The psychologist has the highest level of skill at the organization of plots, political murders, acts of terrorism, secret fight of bureaucratic cliques. The role of the tyrant is intended for the psychologist. The technician is capable to inherit the power only or on a patronage. The role of the official is intended for the technician. The role of the adviser of the governor is intended for the theorist. Speakers in policy are “lions“, psychologists - “foxes“, technicians - conservatives, theorists - reformers. The politician`s profession most is suitable today for speakers since they are able to win elections and are the best speakers. Today elections are the only lawful way of fight for the political power. Application of the armed seizure of power, terror and political murders is under a legislative ban today.

Attempts of the president Putin to strengthen a power vertical and introduction of elections by party lists mean replacement of elections of governors and senators with appointment them from the president that is favorable to such types of the personality as technicians and psychologists.