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But whether is what to remember? History of the KAMAZ plant.

Passed twenty five years since the beginning of reorganization. There is no more USSR. The republics sworn brothers from yesterday`s brothers turned into unfriendly neighbors. The new generation already badly understands what their parents remember. Time moves and probably it is correct. But whether is what to remember? Whether there were light episodes in those antecedents when everyone as one with conviction trusted in that Bright future? - Were! One of such worthy examples can call the All-Russian building of the Century on the bank of Kama to Naberezhnye Chelny. When the economy of the USSR felt sharp requirement in accumulation of number of trucks of more modern type with a loading capacity from eight to twenty tons, at the end of summer of the sixty ninth year of the Central Committee of party and Council of ministers of the USSR were accepted a package of documents on construction of a powerful complex on release of heavy trucks. Dislocation of plant was chosen in the center of the USSR of that time, the proximity of two navigable Kama and Volga Rivers and nearness of the railroad affected. All these arguments allowed uninterrupted, not expensive and short-term providing the project with construction materials. It was planned that the plant had to let out every year an order of a stapyatidesyata of thousands of units of heavy trucks and 250 - ti thousands of diesel engines. And in December land works on construction of the base of future auto giant were begun. Speed of construction was taken with peculiar to a policy of the party scope. During construction of the auto giant of money in building it was enclosed it is equivalent to expenses 3 - yokh our plants VAZ, GAS and ZIL. Along with a raising of the auto giant also the new city of Naberezhnye Chelny was under construction. From thirty thousand settlements Boats turned into a large modern autohail population about half a million people. In the middle of February, 1976 the country could see 1 - y the brand new car KAMAZ which moved down from the conveyor of plant. The world did not know such growth rate of production yet. All world indicators existing for that time were broken. Ten years later KAMAZ masters new production - release of minicars Oka. The general decline of economy in the state could not affect also Kama plant. Mostly, megacapacities of KamAZ stood idle for months. The plant could not provide Naberezhnye Chelny with work any more, and respectively and earnings. Growth of gangsterism, alcoholism, prostitution was noted. People left the city in hope of earnings. And only at the end of the decade the leaders of the state and the government of the Republic of Tatarstan was succeeded to revive production of engines and to start release of more modern KAMAZ models. At the moment the KAMAZ group of companies is the largest car maker in the country and takes the eleventh place in the world on release of trucks and 8 in the world on production of diesel engines. Car sale KAMAZ and of spare parts KAMAZ grows also geographically. KAMAZ “reached“ to Asia, Africa and “reached“ Latin America. Is what to be proud!