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Whether it is possible to learn to fly?

Are such word - search. It means nothing to someone, but for me it became a life basis. I began search when saw that life on Earth has no continuation. I saw it clearly and distinctly. I understood that for me there will be no continuation on Earth.

- cannot be, I thought.

- And all this …?

- As …?

- it should not be ….

- Everything that around me, will remain, and me will not be …?

- Why …?

- What life such is?

- Why, I did not see it earlier?

- Why all live as if do not understand that there will be an end?

- Why at school learn to write, consider also to another., but do not say that life on Earth will end?

- Why …?

I did not find answers, and questions sounded. My former interests became absurd. All communications for me broke, and falsehood and senselessness of human life was bared. I saw the reality deprived of inner meaning and prichinno - investigative communications.

There came the moment which is called sometimes stagnation. Now I would call it reflection or internal search. But then. Then there was not enough knowledge in this question, and I rushed on the book markets in search of literature which can help me. The first days, it were armfuls of books and brochures. Something was read, something was rejected. Every day of books, in my house there was more and more. And here, time when I left the book market empty came.

There were years. They say that time and knowledge do the part.

I really appeared knowledge, but with knowledge also new questions appeared. Search which began twenty years ago did not end. But this search became another. There were forces, there was a confidence, there were purposes and tasks. There were adherents.

If to look with a mind`s eye around itself, then it is possible “to drown“ in any direction. will not drop down

of Life that to learn everything. Therefore I chose the most important and continued search.

You did not reflect what for you the main thing? It is sure that everyone for himself will choose something special. Once I too so thought. But over time understood that this main thing has to be one for all. You do not hurry to say that I want to make of you robots. No, my task not in it.

Once, I had a dream as group of people in which there were friends and relatives approached the intersection, but it was not simple. On two roads from three it is written: - force, money, entertainments, children, happiness, knowledge and eternity. And only on one: - knowledge, pleasure, help, freedom and eternity. They not for long conferred and left obviously not on the third road. Some ordinary-looking and overgrown it looked.

In the reflections I sometimes came back, to this dream that it will be convinced of correctness of the choice.

It occurred when I learned to fly. No, not on Earth. In other world, in a dream. I in the dreams dispersed, tried to catch many years a breast air, but somehow it was impossible. And once I flew up. How many there were pleasures.

You sometime saw as martins or swallows fly? In the same way, I also flew to pleasures. Having placed hands, rose up and fell down. Around there was an infinity, but I precisely knew that it is top, and it is a bottom. Suddenly, I understood that below I am watched by the one who is dear to me. I did not see it, but I knew that it here. I in pleasure went down, widely placed hands and, rocking, flew by by. Then, having developed, an arrow, shot up up. And suddenly, I thought. That I just fly. It is necessary, something to do.

With this question I also returned to a body.