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Mobile books: again about the word? A midlet of Java Book Maker

In the first part of article we tried to create java - books by means of the Java Book Maker program. Let`s pass quickly to a body of our experiment - we will read the book created by us. whether Reading a midlet from phone we Will look at


, at last, conveniently will read the book in phone. We open the application and we see that by the form it a little in what differs from the midlet created in the TequilaCat BookReader program. Movement in the text is arranged as well as there, - up - down is postrochno thumbed through by the joystick, and to the left - to the right - page by page.

The key of a call shows the menu in which there are several useful options, such as “ search “, “ transition “, “to an avtoskrolling “. There are some more options, but not all from them correctly work with this or that model of phone. Which - what options are placed on buttons that very facilitates reading. But this program is too simple, and here a lot of things is not provided from what was permitted in mobile text converters already familiar to us.

For example, here it is impossible to renominate keys, there is no function of bookmarks. And if the first is not so important, then without the second to manage is rather heavy - bookmarks sometimes play a large role at the choice of the program for reading books. A pleasant memories of TequilaCat BookReader is the key under a number 9 allowing to change font size one pressing instead of doing it in the menu as it was in ReadManiac.

It is very convenient and pleasant to read in Java Book Maker, general impression spoils only lack of bookmarks. Though, of course, it is possible to do without them: the program keeps the last read page and at the following start opens the book on it.

For the sake of interest downloaded version 1. 0. 3 and 1. 0. 4, but did not notice absolutely any difference neither in design, nor in work of the program. The only difference - the inscription in the top part of a window claiming that it is the following version. Both of them are outdated, is and are more modern, but the others did not want to be looked any more.

Screenshots of the latest version which will visually differ from previous and as will behave in operation hang on the website now - it is still unknown. The program is not ready yet, but promise to publish soon references for downloading. If it differs considerably from the ancestors, you about it still esteem.

I was not too lazy to glance and on a forum of this program where I was unpleasantly surprised - perhaps that we will not see the new program. The matter is that process of creation of the new version began for a long time, but still is not finished. The first message in a subject is dated May, 2008, and the last - yanvaryom 2010. Whether dolgovato for creation of the next version not really - that and the difficult program? Judging by screenshots, nothing especially outstanding in the new version will be - the same unpretentious functions covered with a new cover. It is all the same that to put on the new beautiful panel the old cell phone - and it as was old, so and will remain to them. Yes if it is honest, then and design on which already two years work (whether work?) people, not really - that original. Though the program in itself is quite good.

That`s all, we dealt, at last, with the next telephone eReader. I hope that information is useful to readers.