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Mobile books: again about the word? Java Book Maker

its Simplicity is visible even prior to loading - on the Internet - it becomes clear to the Java Book Maker page that this program is universal and creates one general midlet suitable for all phones with support of java. And it is huge plus because some programs do not work with certain models of phones. After the end of installation on the computer the program will at once be started and will show a window in which will ask to enter the name of the book Latin letters.

Frankly speaking, at first to me it was thought that it is the searcher of books on the Internet as in the ReadManiac program, but in actual fact it turned out that I was mistaken.

Having entered the name and having pressed the “ Further “ button, we see that the second window in which it is offered - to convert at choice into java from the text file only opened, to visit the site of the producer, to be registered etc. In fact, in it, an initial window it is possible to conduct just any figure to pass into the basic. But the specified figure will become the name of the book in phone so it is better to enter the corresponding word - unfortunately, only Latin letters.

And we now will also consider this second window. Generally this not only main window of the program, it one and only, except for an initial window. There are even no settings, so everything is extremely simple.

For a start we will look that involves click on a crumpled sheet of paper with capital letters “ of TXT “ which is drawn in the top part of a window. This that for the sake of what this program is created, - converting in a format of the mobile book.

As well as it befits protozoa monocelled, Java Book Maker works only with one format - with the txt files. And now we will look whether well it does it and as java - the book will behave in phone. For this purpose we should throw the text demanded to us in a format for monocelled by means of MS Word. And when we will choose it, we will see that all text was displayed in a converter window - it means that we on a right way. In this window it is possible even to change the text if it is required, but all - in traditional editors to do it is more handy. To create java - the appendix, to nadokliknut in an extreme left icon. And all - java - the book is created. By default again created files are saved on a desktop.

The second option - it is possible to copy the text from any editor and to insert it into a program window. Formatting at the same time, naturally, is lost, remains only breakdown on paragraphs. It is necessary only to load a midlet into phone and to enjoy reading.

But at first let`s consider the program up to the end and we learn that else it offers us. The icon with the drawn lodge should not be explained - all know that it is an exit to the home page of the program. And if to pay attention to the icons located in the bottom of a window, then here it is possible to see which - that interesting.

The “ Registration “ and “ Forum “ keys will direct us straight to the website of the producer, and here “ Literature “ will open a reference catalog on the thematic websites. And their subject is very various - “Papers“, “Fantasy“, “Poetry“, “Prose“ “Verses“. Pleases that to a fantasy, one of my dear genres, the whole website is allocated. Further everything is very simple - follow the link, find the necessary work, copy it in a clipboard and insert into a text window of the program. Here so - three - four clicks - and the mobile book already lie in your pocket.

We studied the Java Book Maker program and learned to use it in the computer. We needed only to practise, having loaded it into phone, and we will already make it in the second part of article.