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Fashionable make-up - 2010. The makeup artist was called?

In a make-up on the veseena - a summer season of 2010 makeup artists offer us both a gentle pastel, and brightness. The natural make-up - shades of an ashy rose and cocoa is very actual. In fashion of powder and voice-frequency means with the shining effect. Generally, everything is modest, worthy and brilliant.

The classics is always actual, it was shown us by Dolce &Gabbana - they placed emphasis on suntanned skin and saturated lips at a minimum of a make-up of eyes, and Dior which remains true to and moderate 50 - m - red lips, and the eyes which are slightly tinted by shadows of violet, blue or brown shades.

Brown reigns in all beauty. Especially light lilovo - brown shadows . Surely pick up the shade. According to stylists, this color suits all.

Also do not forget to buy brown nail varnish . Though similar shades also give age to hands, but nevertheless it looks perfectly. By the way, an unusual varnish it is gray - silvery color, in fashion too.

One more classical summer make-up - a sexual bronze palette and nacre . The shining skin, brown lips, gold shadows presented to us Givenchy. But not strongly be fond of nacre - on a face all should not shine at once.

Try in this season “light lips“ . The next trend - light opaque lipsticks, many designers offer. Especially beautifully opaque lipstick looks in a combination to the shining powder and flickering shadows. Colors select neutral: a tea rose, beige, strawberry with cream, etc. of

Some designers completely lightened a coral to models of an eyebrow and did colourless lips. Yes, it quite in the spirit of fashionable tendencies of a make-up - 2010.

Light eyebrows attract attention to eyes, the fashion came to them to us from 60 - x. However, if you are not ready to so sweeping changes, do not worry: to classical dark eyebrows of attention on podiums there was not less. Today they are combed up and slightly tinted vertical strokes.

For lips a standard - any planimetric pencils. Though which - which of makeup artists showed an unusual combination of golden lipstick and a pink pencil. Generally lips on displays were “natural“ or “zatonirovanny“. Nevertheless, red classical lipstick too in fashion - its color varies from cold scarlet, being transformed to deep bright shades.

If red swept too away - make lips the main accent of an image. As it was shown us by makeup artists of Prada and Giambattista Valli.

And here still: if to add to pink red, the most fashionable color of a season will turn out.

The pastel scale reigned in displays of Chanel and Gucci, only sometimes the satellite of transparent gloss were classical gently - pink blush.

Many designers in general did without ink . Of course, not all women are able to afford it therefore ink is offered to us the most various, except volume. Volume ink today in disgrace.

A combination violet and coral flowers - one more highlight. Instead of coral it is possible to choose warm shades red which with cold violet will create successful fashionable contrast. At Versace violet adjoined with beige and zheltovato - corporal.

And Derek Lam urges not to hesitate in the choice of flowers for a make-up of eyes. Safely supplement ink and an eyeliner with shadows. By the way, blue and green shades are represented in many collections. Blue shadows on centuries + a drop of beige gloss = a fashionable spring water color.

For summer it is possible to choose light options of shadows without eyeliner, as at Versace.

With “white centuries“ lips light-beige, pepelno - pink and biscuit tones well look. White color adds to a natural make-up of a futuristichnost.

Black eyes still remain in fashion, but the smoky make-up fades into the background though does not hand over positions. For example, Karl Lagerfeld suggests to use for it light-gray tone. Combine gray shadows with shades violet or lilac, then he so “will play“!

A make-up tendency - 2010 - cat`s eyes . The look becomes cat`s when drawing black arrows of the most different forms and flowers which are not demanding even imposing of shadows. Shooters - one of “pepper“ of a season and in a make-up are present at the most different execution.

At Marc Jacobs the black eyeliner adjoins to bright shadows, at arrow Chanel slightly touched corners of eyes, doing them raised. Donna Karan uses eye shadow the white wide line, a gel eyeliner or a pencil - very beautifully looks. By the way, white was one of the leading flowers on displays. It is better to combine a snow eyeliner with brown ink, and in other make-up to observe a neutrality. At arrow Oscar de la Renta slightly noticeable, and here it “erases“ lips completely.

Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld were “drawn“ by the direct bright shooters contrasting with white shadows.

Also do not forget - what make-up you would not do, it is necessary to create effect of the clean, transparent skin emphasized with hardly noticeable shining tone. The tremendous look begins with 3 - x things: care of skin, masking of defects, drawing basis and powder. If with it is all right, your skin will look ideal.

Well and the most important annex to a make-up - a smile and easy outlook on life.