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Fashionable footwear of a season - 2010. What to pay attention to?

can save Most of women on purchase of a coat or refuse a new dress, but only not pair of new shoes. And not without the reasons. Shoes allow to draw attention to beauty of legs. Ideally picked up shoes help the woman to look more harmonous, give to confidence, charm, sexuality and emphasize all other details of a dress.

Who will begin to object what this pleasure - to put on smart shoes! Therefore each new season, we go to shops of footwear.

And it is not obligatory to buy superexpensive footwear: the skilled customer knows that “the last peep“ is instantly interpreted by “teams of quick response“ - brands which let out qualitative, inexpensive and fashionable footwear in wide assortment.

Frequent to buy the pleasant fashionable shoes in cheaper interpretation better, but before it attentively study details of expensive footwear, it will be so simpler to find the best copies for smaller money. One or two pairs of superfashionable shoes can bring a seasonal variety, however do not forget that nothing so has success as own style.

In a new season the main tendency - a high heel . It can have a different form - the main thing, the higher, the better. Here both hairpin, and thick heel, and platform. But also the low accurate heel is not forgotten.

The most sure bet of shoes are the classical boats practically never getting out of fashion. They among all footwear - the same that “a small black dress“. Are necessary - and all. And in this season they are very actual.

Wide choice: there are models closed there are opened, there are shoes imitating leather of a predatory animal, and if you the lover of extravagance, then such shoes for you.

Main color scale , as well as in clothes are natural tone, but what can be more sexual, than red shoes? Red, yellow, it is bright - orange, white, brown, all shades violet and blue - the main colors of a season of clothes and footwear.

If you choose footwear of bright color, then it have to be combined with any article of clothing, but not with a bag. And the footwear in tone of panty hoses or trousers visually does legs more harmonous and longer, do not forget about it. You wear shoes of cheerful color with not too bright clothes, let them draw attention.

On an exit it is possible to buy suede shoes of fashionable blue and violet shades with satin ribbons instead of thongs. Or shoes with a beautiful flower or a bow on the line of rise.

In a hot sunny day there is nothing better than sandals. We look for an elegant high heel of an unusual form and slightly rounded off sock.

A sabot on a high platform, with a set of thongs - too ideal footwear for warm days. Sabots on a wooden sole come back. On such platform some celebrities were already noticed.

The footwear of this season is characteristic abundance of decorative thongs and tapes . Romantic ribbons are perfectly combined with dresses and skirts. And the legs put in shoes with bows can admire long.

Thongs, zhgutik, elastic bands, laces, silk tapes - everything is used for creation of an intricate texture around a leg. Much attention is paid to finishing by various beads, flowers, bows, a fringe, transparent materials.

Stylish, sexual, modern footwear in which the luxury intertwines with reserved modesty. Choose that to you to liking: unusual futuristic sandals or modest shoes from 50 - x.

In fashion a platform sole, a wattled sole, a platform and the hidden platform from natural materials (a tree, a stopper, rubber). It can be formed or from the combined details.

Brightness, massiveness, the hitched-up sock, a contrast fringing, rivets, perforation, a fringe, bows, a combination of various materials are characteristic of footwear on a platform. The prevailing materials: textiles, suede, skin.

Considering popularity of style of a military, it is not surprising why in honor skin, brown tone and color khaki. In the summer of 2010 of the barefoot person of color khaki, with rivets and thongs, promise to become a fashionable hit. In general, shoes - court shoes or barefoot persons of fashionable color are capable “to modernize“ any dress.

Sometimes, looking at podiums, apparently, that haute couture went crazy. Someone from eminent designers suggests to wear unusual futuristic shoes in this season.

The aggressive platform and a heel do not look on a thin female ankle at all. It is interesting to look at this collection, and to walk in such shoes …

Pay attention to the convenient flats decorated with pastes. And fashionable sandals - gladiators in various variations and coloring - remain actual and in a new season. It is difficult to present without them fashionable summer of 2010.

One more fashionable direction - of a shoe - gym shoes . This more likely youth direction. But also classical gym shoes come back to fashionable clothes again. Now it not only convenient, but also stylish footwear in which it is possible to go even to a party.

In this season gym shoes are decorated a set of original details. It can be parodies to tattoos, portraits of musicians, various youth symbolics, original prints.

Fashionable gym shoes 2010 can be bright white, red, orange, green, pink flowers, and in a form remind fashion 80 - x. They include various color inserts, buckles and lightnings, and instead of laces - flypapers. Designers created also high gym shoes as summer boots.

Shoe boots from skin, suede, the atlas are fashionable . The main tendency in fashion on shoe boots - a high spike heel and a small platform in forward part.

This footwear height to an anklebone together with pair of trousers will create the continuous line of a leg. Only it is necessary to maintain uniform color scale.

Special peep - shoe boots with an open nose which in itself are original and if still to put on fashionable gaiters then can precisely be considered themselves as the queen of style. Especially beautifully look with an easy dress to a knee or with jeans.

It would seem, the naked leg and barefoot persons is the most habitual combination, but in this season of the barefoot person and it is fashionable to wear open shoes on a sock .

Boots from genuine leather with a small platform instead of a heel are ideal for daily socks. Such boots are so universal, as well as shoes - court shoes. They are perfectly combined with clothes of various styles and the directions. Boots have to fit a leg as gloves. It is undesirable that they screwed up the face or seemed wide in an ankle, or were too free in the top part. Though in this season the model with an expanded top is fashionable.

And boots with a multilayered decorative nastrochka on a top will give you special chic.

High boots - jack boots from skin are fashionable. Decorative thongs will add originality and elegance. Fashionable neutral color will allow to combine such boots with different dresses.

Boots - stockings above a knee are still actual. Classical leather, suede, satin, black, brown and pastel tones, on heels and without - all of them in fashion. You like to wear boots in the summer? You carry. This summer all is possible!

My favourite subject - man`s things on girls. The clothes look very sexually, and now designers offer us of a shoe and boots in the manner of man`s . Looks very stylishly, defiantly and originally.

And finally: trying on footwear, surely look at yourself in a mirror in all growth and estimate all appearance. Even the most ultrafashionable shoes which are not suitable you in a form or on heel height are capable to break the general line of a silhouette and to spoil appearance.

Then, slowly, walk in them, be not convinced yet that it is convenient to you and the footwear corresponds to contours of your foot. Check edges of a shoe where it adjoins to a foot. They have to have a soft, smooth surface. The line and finishing have to be perfect.

Purchases pleasant to you!