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How to make money? Approach to the income of

Why at the vast majority it is impossible “to make“ money, it turns out “to earn“ only them moreover, as a rule, by a hard work. Physical or intellectual, not important. Costs of such approach to the income - dislike for work, psychological exinanition, a lack of time for favourite (darling) and the relatives.

Let`s look in what cases it is difficult, it is even almost impossible “to make money“.

1. “It is almost impossible to make money“ if only time is on sale. As if highly it was not paid. You can be super - mega - ultra - the expert in any area, even very much (according to the surrounding majority) profitable, but you will not be able just to work more than 24 hours a day 7 days a week … The successful lawyer, the athlete - the champion, business - the consultant … Yes you never know such professions where people receive money only when work. Also work often very hard.

2. “It is almost impossible to make money“ on the (one person) unique abilities. Besides, even very well paid. It is necessary to work tensely. However, this ability is possible... but about it is slightly lower.

3. the Unique goods (service) are on sale disposable, and on its production (and advance) it is necessary to spend rather large number of resources. This point continues previous. Lack of a possibility of mass inexpensive copying, cheap repetition protects such companies (and persons) not for long, as a rule, to it, goods to it, either the direct competitor, or adequate replacement appears soon.

4. the income Is unreliable if profitable business keeps on one or several experts.


It is very heavy to b “to make money“ in low-monetary and at the same time competitive niches. Look how dealers in vegetables in the market stick, for example. And most of buyers with “thick purses“ all the same go to a prestigious supermarket. And in monetary, but supercompetitive niches the probability “to go broke“ when there are let smaller, but effective competitors is high.

6. If you try “to make money“ without the untwisted, recognizable brand, you should be content only with average market price, or, what is even worse, to sell goods, services, skills and knowledge are much lower than this price.

7. to change Nothing in life, work, business there is no “zer gutnut“. Without being engaged in the regular analysis, increase of efficiency and without tracing trends, not to keep success. And most of people, even owners of large businesses, so is concerned about “stability“ and some ephemeral “guarantees“ that does not even think of it or little does. Or does much, but … not so. “Guarantee“ is only some probability. Nobody, even the Lord, will give 100% of a guarantee, always were, is and will be a swagger - major circumstances. And the world changes so quickly that to provide similar circumstances or it is very heavy, or it is just impossible. Slackness and lack of initiative will never allow “to make money“, they can only “kill“ ability if it also was.

Well, frightened. And what we will do now? To grieve? How to you in general such prospect? All of you still want “to be as all“? Or perhaps we will act not this way, “as all“, and on the contrary?

“If does not suit result - change steps which brought to it“. Popular wisdom

Only in what party to change - that? Think right now, but not at a leisure, here over what.

1. you want to earn or “make“ money? Understood, from “making“ moreover and with little effort, nobody refused yet. And what you are ready to do for this purpose and what to offer?

2. What you did, first of all, if you want “to make money“, should do a brand. The positive perception in the heads of consumers creates the additional value for which they give additional money. Even if it is your personal, personal brand. Simple example: the star of sport can conclude advertizing contracts, write books, act in movies, teleprojects, series and to have from it not sickly additional income.

3. Business has to be duplicated, scaled and flexible, capable to change quickly together with surrounding conditions without special losses.

the best way to make money from air - monopoly. It does not contradict the thesis about unique goods, services, abilities at all. Just in lack of the competition the additional profit repeatedly covers any expenses.

5. And whether it is possible “to wrap“ goods or services in different packings and to duplicate them on the different markets? Here where one of the main secrets of “making of money“. Look at the Microsoft company (“Microsoft“). She is engaged in it!

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Liv, Windows NT, house, about - mobile versions of these programs. Operating systems of Windows Embedded family are on sale as a part of such devices as ATMs, medical devices, navigators, “thin“ clients, VoIP - terminals, media players, a digital photoframework, cash and payment terminals, robots, gaming machines etc. Once the created program kernel which is constantly modified and several decades wrapped in different packings, already support Bill Gates`s empire on the top of world financial ratings. Study!


It is very easy for b “to make money“ on goods (services) which are required for the person constantly. Example: cellular communication. Sold you SIM - the card, and you also put regularly money for the phone bill. Or rather, into the account of the company. The majority of the prospering businesses anyway keeps on regularly consumed goods and services. However, here a zagvozdochka small - quickly competitors appear, but if the stream of new products with the properties changed under new conditions does not run low, the consumer will hardly change the settled habits.

7. Many successful enterprises make quite good additional money on additions. What else will the consumer wish, having bought the main goods? So, upon purchase of a car offer … a lot of things offer. And on what there lives “McDonald`s“? Whether only on hamburgers or also on “you wish as a garnish of fried potato and pie to tea?“.

8. But the most important - the system gives money (or takes away …). The system which is not depending on specific persons. System in which exist only business - processes. Business - processes, beginning from statement of the correct purposes and finishing with faultless customer service. System which is improved not by order of or “when the chips are down“ and it is constant, always. Even if there are short-term “failures“. Sometimes and the skillful player loses. Sometimes. But in general such system only gives money.

Everyone will draw conclusions. The head on shoulders, I think, is. And to be reconstructed not to earn money with “heavy works“, and “to do“ them, scaling and expanding “this business“ to unprecedented for you personally heights hitherto.

At you it will turn out. It cannot be that hard.