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In what pluses and minuses of freelance?

freelance History

Hello, dear reader. My name is Venus. Today I want to tell of pluses and minuses of freelance. But for a start let`s learn what this term means.

the Word “freelance“ has in itself two words “Free“ (free) and “Lance“ (peak, a spear). Such name was received by civilian soldiers who for the sake of earnings chose to whom they want to serve. For that time treated freelancers not really kindly, soldiers served for money and is frequent that who has more money. They were not patriots, in their actions there was no devotion - they just were mercenaries.

passed a lot of time Since then, and now the freelancer call the expert who performs work, both short-term, and long-term at the same time does not enter a staff of constant employees. And the word “freelance“ carries a positive shade and is a synonym not only “the free artist“, but also “freedom“. The number of freelancers every day increases as now it is possible to find and perform work, without leaving the house.

Working as the freelancer, I revealed for myself pluses and minuses of this occupation.

Freelance pluses.

the Main plus is freedom, that is existence of an opportunity to dispose of time: “I can dig, I can not dig“.


By estimates of experts freelancers have earnings 20% more, than the mercenaries working in a staff of the organization.

As you noticed pluses in the freelancer a little, but they are notable and even outweigh 5 minuses which are listed below.

Unrationed operating schedule.

From - for the fact that customers should be looked for most stagnation can be replaced by a work involving all hands, sometimes it is necessary to work for 16 hours a day. I hear remarks: “And it is minus? It is very good!“. But here everything depends on that situation in which you are, if you mummy, then hardly you will accept such schedule of work.

the Waste of time on unspecialized activity.

the Freelancer often deals with issues which are not connected with his specialty. Treat them: search of the employer, negotiations with it and t of

Risk of non receipt of money

Unfortunately, not all soft and fluffy and ready is honest to pay your work. Especially it concerns our country, it is too much cheapskates, not really liking to pay the freelancer, at the same time they find excuses which can seem even the most real reasons for refusal. But please be not entered on it. You performed the work, and each work is worthy payments. You study on others mistakes, but if all of you - came across divorce, do not despair, you remember that everything comes back a boomerang.

Legalization of the income

you receive money for work, actually you are a business owner who has to pay taxes. Many of course do not think of this question, but thus you can undergo a penalty, tell there is risk more precisely to be put. Today the freelancer can evade paying taxes, but tomorrow this situation can exchange in a root.

All of us different and everyone chooses a conclusion by

that to do to it and that is not present. Someone likes stability: to work in one firm from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening, to come home, to have supper also on a sofa. For those people the freelancer will be a burden only. Yes, the way of frilansersky work is risky, than a way of the permanent member of staff, and it suits not all also work not so simple as many think. Many permanent members of staff have days off, and the freelancer can create without a break in the days some content. But, despite minuses, freelance - a remarkable exit for mummies who are forced to stay at home. In freelance you can realize the creative abilities and receive real earnings. So dare dear mummies, everything at you will turn out!