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Jealousy: to become the impotent man or to leave the flirting girlfriend of life?

Physicians sound alarm: most often the reason of premature mortality of men and women is the jealousy. It incinerates soul and causes serious diseases both in jealous men, and in objects of jealousy.

It is proved that jealous men live about 10 - 15 years less, than could. They more often than ordinary people, are subject to a hypertension, is warm - vascular diseases because at the time of a nervous tension pulse rate sharply increases, heartbeat becomes frequent, respectively, wearability of vessels increases. And if to add to it chronic stresses and depressions, a constant headache, sleeplessness... The syndrome of chronic fatigue, to all other, is capable to give an impetus for awakening of such diseases as stomach ulcer, bronchial asthma, decrease in sexual activity. And there and to impotence nearby.

It has very much pernicious effect on a condition of family life. Somehow we from the acquaintance, the manager of the REGISTRY OFFICE in the town, tried to define how many married couples get divorced because of jealousy? Results turned out tremendous. Total number of stains from - for the fact that spouses gave a reason for jealousy was made by from 15 to 25 percent. But the most interesting that the peak of similar rastorzheniye of marriage fell on two a season: spring and fall. That is the periods when both men, and women depend on “game of hormones“ more. In the cold winter and in the hot summer people became “lazier“, giving to pretexts for hiring of the detectives specializing in adulteries less.

However, I took the town where opportunities at lovers considerably smaller, than in megalopolises. And here according to the estimates of psychologists only 11% of cases in families which endured “crisis of jealousy“ come to the end with divorce. At the same time only every tenth couple is happy the fact that it never knows torments which tormented Othello.

And one more supervision: the nonsense of jealousy (it is the medical term) most often strikes men after 40 years. Decrease in sexual activity, a potentiality, a thicket owing to the psychological reasons is its cornerstone. The man tries to remove all these “inconveniences“ the use of alcohol. And further - a vicious circle: the more often men are “tipsy“, the more often in their brain there are phobias connected with “unworthy behavior“ of the girlfriend of life. Also psychological, and even physical impact on the woman who is accused by means of swearing or that is more disgusting begins, teach a fist.

Happens and it is worse than that: according to militia supervision, every fifth crime is committed because of jealousy. So, the object of jealousy subjects itself to serious danger. Not each psychologist can define from the first conversation, psychosis at the patient, and the wife especially how far came. She for some reason wants to believe that all this “dog nonsense“ that the husband even if feels deceived, can always stop and not bring the suspicions to radical methods.

How to make so that the man did not test warm torments?

In - the first, it is necessary to build the building of future relations to a campaign in the REGISTRY OFFICE. the man cannot let know At all that, putting on a wedding ringlet a finger of darling, he becomes the owner of her rights and freedoms. If he only feels that you completely depend on it - write was gone, most often, it is the first step to jealousy.

In - the second, take yourself for the rule never to tease the man. If at the first stage of the relations your levity can be somehow justified, kindling passion, you let know that it can be the winner in tournament with a great number of participants, then it is desirable to taboo flirtation further. You not for this purpose married darling to reduce his life by 10 - 15 years. And suddenly it will be enough blow and you should look after the disabled person all best years of the life?

In - the third, you meet the spouse not 24 hours a day , 6 - 8 hours from them can be rejected safely on a dream. So in the working days communication makes no more than one and a half - two hours in the morning and two - three in the evening. Whether it is necessary to turn these rare, by and large, hours into fights without rules where the husband turns into a furious bull, and you into the toreador swinging before it a red rag.

And, at last, take with yourself children more often, their presence with you lulls man`s suspicion, eventually, there will be not so much mothers who are capable to change nearly in the face of own child.

And to men it is possible to give such advice: if the behavior of the spouse in something does not suit you, for a start try to place all points over “˙ňü“ quiet conversation. It is not necessary to wind itself before you do not make sure that a reason for jealousy reasonable.

To live or not to live with the woman who has always in hands bared wires and she wishes to put them to your laceration in a breast from time to time? Unless you love it more own life! Agree that so happens not always.

If your jealousy gives it indescribable pleasure whether then it is better to look for that which can save you from similar shake-ups? The impotent man before term to become easy. It is much more difficult to return to normal life …