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How to earn in the Internet? First steps. To Earn

in the Internet not so difficult as the majority the Internet of the users who are not burdened with knowledge of technologies of programming thinks. You do not trust? Read this article and try!

Still quite recently to earn big money, it was necessary to try to find good work. Often people were forced to move to other city or the country. But with universal distribution of the Internet everything changed: need for moving disappeared, besides on the Internet is an opportunity not only to work, but also to develop business, and not only in the country, and and worldwide . And all this without leaving the house!

At desire to earn good money, having constructed business in the Internet, everyone can. But why not everyone hurries to make it?

We got used long ago that it is possible to find any information in the Internet. Another thing is that not just it is a lot of information, and it is a lot of! If you want to learn something about creation the Internet - business, you at best will find “1000 and 1 idea of business“ or the website where will suggest to buy you the management about that, “how to create the blog“, “how to attract visitors on the website“ etc.

When I began business of marketing in the Internet, I faced that of the simple clear instruction about What specifically to do does not exist. Sources of information are filled with words, unclear for the ordinary person, type: “blog“, “traffic“ etc. And what I wanted as to the beginner? That in brief and available language explained what to begin with. And on hours-long information search and its eliminations in particles the average working person just has no time!

In this article I want to discredit fears of the businessmen beginning the Internet, begin with small - is required to you only 3 simple tools in order that the Internet began to bring in the income . By the way, good news - these tools will work for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


It is natural that for development of business in the Internet the website is necessary. For a start there will be quite enough a simple one-page website.

Today there are many various services by means of which it is possible to make the website free of charge. But I advise them to use only if you plan to place the sample website on own domain (a unique name of the website). Also be attentive - not on all free websites it is possible to add the code (as a result you will not be able to insert a mailing code).

If you plan to advance not own product or service, and a product of any company, then the majority of them has templates of the websites which you will be able to use. In this case, it will only be required to buy own domain and a hosting (the place where the website is placed).

If there is no ready template, then it is possible to get the blog (the electronic diary). The majority of hostings gives an opportunity of automatic installation of the blog WordPress. On WordPress you will be able to choose ready design. Everything that you will need to make with such website - simply to add on it information by means of the simple graphic interface.


Advertising happens paid, for example, a contextual advertizing : Google Adwords, Yandex. Direct, Begun or tizerny advertizing . Plus such advertizing is in what you will be able quickly to receive potential clients on your website.

Free advertizing - a way longer, but once having placed such advertizing, it is possible to receive return constantly. It is most popular of video now - advertizing - people like to watch interesting commercials. Such resource as YouTube. com is included into the three of the most visited world sites and various Russian videos - the websites gain popularity.


Mailing is a series of letters which is intended for communication with your potential clients and partners. to you does not need to communicate with each person until he decides to get from you something personally. By means of mailing you will be able to convey information to unlimited number of people in the automatic mode.

For a start start simple mailing from 3 - 5 letters. I use the Smartresponder service. ru, by the way for beginners is the free account there. Place there information which is not on your website and which will be interesting to your potential clients.


you create the website, start advertizing, on it visitors visit your website and subscribe to newsletter to obtain additional information. I.e. you have a conveyor consisting of three elements which works without your direct participation and brings you the interested people.

Now when you have a basis, it is possible to start safely the business. And you will be able “to dotachivat“ tools in process.

I wish success!