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The true reason of aging of the person is established! What answer of plastic surgeons?

for long years people aspire if not to prevent then to remove an old age. New researches show that a face lifting, smoothing of wrinkles and fight against flabbiness of skin it is not enough for restoration of a youthful look. The American scientists established the true reason of aging of the person. They claim that changes of a shape of facial bones, but not decrease in a tone of skin and soft fabrics influence external manifestations of aging.

In the researches doctors of the Medical center of University of Rochester note that with age there are essential changes in facial bones, especially jaws that as a result and promotes creation of a senile look.

Presented at an annual meeting in San - Antonio (State of Texas) of the American association of plastic surgeons of research show that in the future approach to a face rejuvenation can happen in two stages, at first restoration of structure, and then lifting of skin.

Collecting a collection from computer tomograms of 120 persons allowed plastic surgeons to measure changes which happened to facial bones during time. In each of three age groups: youth (at the age of 20 - 36 years), average (from 41 to 64 years), senior (of 64 years is also more senior), computer tomograms of 20 men and 20 women were selected equally. For measurement are long, width and a corner of the lower jaw, each of the selected pictures, and also for comparison of results for each of groups researchers used the computer program. Use for this research of computer tomograms allowed to reach more exact three-dimensional reconstruction and to increase the accuracy of measurements.

Results of researches showed that with age the corner of the lower jaw therefore the lower bound of the person loses the former clearness of outlines considerably increases. Jaw length from young to middle age decreases significantly, and here its height changes slightly with age.

“A jaw is a basis for the lower part of the person, any its changes exert impact on a front esthetics. Age decrease in volume of a jaw leads to sagging of soft fabrics of the lower part of the person and neck“ - professor Howard Lengstayn, the head of the medical center of plastic and reconstructive surgery of University of Rochester explained. Further G. Lengstayn declared: “Though doctors always knew that bones change over time, but as it is shown with age - did not estimate“.

Predictability of age changes of structure of facial bones gives to doctors understanding of new methods of successful restoration of a young look. In the future cosmetic restoration of a young look can include methods of restoration of structure of a chin and cheeks, for example, by means of implants.