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We add the website to RSS tapes, translators

Hello. Today I want to tell you about one important thing: How to accelerate indexation of your website search engines, such as www. google. ru, www. yandex. ru, www. rambler. ru and many others. At increase in indexation of your website you thereby increase the reference weight in searchers. What gives you the mass of advantages. Such as web website load1ng. ru. And so this way is addition of your RSS tape in the special services which are called RSS aggregators. You ask why RSS mailing, just because, all your material the website which is filled in on your web is broadcast by your RSS tapes and after addition of your tape in the so-called websites RSS » aggregators; considerably facilitates your own work and time for mailing of your materials. For this purpose also such websites as RSS aggregators are created. In what the principle of such speed and efficiency of such websites, you ask me, the principle that such websites as RSS aggregators quite well eat search spiders, they so to speak live on such websites, thereby they bypass all website entirely and naturally find on it your RSS tape and respectively your material. Thereby your material is quite quicker published in search engines. Below I wrote most in my opinion the checked and effective RSS the websites:

Important RSS aggregators (Your website is simply obliged to be in them):

google. com/reader

lenta. yandex. ru

Popular RSS aggregators (too the excellent websites, but are not so effective as Google and Yandex):

alfaru. com

RSS - lenta. ru

rssreader. ru

RSS - news. ru

rss - lenta. ru

redtram. ru

RSSReader. ru


netvibes. com

rss. by

rss. zelenkov. net

RSSportal. ru

rssnews. org. ua

rssportal. ru

RSS. UkrNews. net

RSSNews. org. ua

vsev. net

RSS aggregators for Blogs:

blogs. yandex. ru

dobrobot. com

blog. inf. by

linkstore. ru

plazoo. com

kanban. ru

alfaru. com

blograte. ru

litecat. com

izzet. com. ua

blogus. ru

rssportal. ru

catalog. rssnewser. ru

rss. zssn. org. ua

Always with you Vladimir, MrJohn .

Source of this article web website: Load1ng. ru