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The dictionary of important terms for the Webmaster of

Hello dear readers! Today I will tell

to you for someone new, and for someone and is not present, significant terms in a network. so we will begin


Copyright - writing of the unique text, process of writing of unique article is called Copywriting . It is appreciated by

in a network to a naibolla more effectively than Kopipast (kopipast see below)

Kopipast (Copying of the text) - Bonalny copying of the text from a network, at an istochik.

It can be as the material which is completely copied from a source, and copying with not big

editing so-called Rewriting (Rewriting see below)

Anyway kopipastny content is appreciated in many and much worse than Copyright .

Content - Filling of information resource (a web - the website, the blog and t. o) various material: the text, pictures,

programs, a flash, multimedia, graphics, etc. of

In the sphere a web - the website, content one of the most important link on the website.

Rewriting (rewriting) - Rephrasing, editing, writing with little change of already available

of the unique text in a network. In other words editing after the own fashion already available text in a network.

Rewriting is appreciated less than Copyright but more than Kopipast .

SEO (CEO) - from English ( Search Engine Optimization ) - Optimization, advance of the website by search engines.

In other words promotion in searchers. The CEO one of the most important link in promotion and a website web.

SDL - The Website For People. Creation and distribution a web of the website created only for people.

In constancy you watch it, you add new material on a website subject, you refuse

of many types a partnerok in a network (created for earnings on the website). Treats SDL: load1ng. ru.

GS - Govnosayt, the name speaks about itself. A web the website created only for earnings. Full

contrast SDL . As a rule creators of the websites of GS do not watch it, most likely the awful design,

just shocking content (website contents), the website is not updated at all. Most likely at owners is

of GS of the websites, a huge number of advertizing on a web the website.

» Satellite; - It is the Web the website which costs between SDL and GS i.e. filled with generally reraytny content.

Still satellites call the websites ground under the exchange of articles, t. e created for earnings at the exchanges of articles.

I think so far we will be limited to these main terms for a web of masters. Read to

further my informative articles.

Always with you Vladimir, MrJohn .

Source of this article web website: Load1ng. ru