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We create the Semantic kernel! Optimization of the website

Hello dear friends. In this subject I want to tell you we will tell even the most important part of your website in the sphere of its advance and optimization and it: The Accurate, correctly exposed semantic kernel of the website . So to a chtozha such sematichesky kernel, it - I will repeat accurate and correct exposure meta - tags, meta - tags I promote much kallosalny to advance your website in search engines, for shorter time. Internal optimization of the website, in other words SEO (search optimization), it is carried out in the website, in HTML pages and it is carried out in each module. Now is more detailed: Between tags and you register at first tags, here they: the Description of your heading

Then you begin to fill with

them, you fill them with the correct key inquiries, the intelligent description. Remember

: The heading of the text and its description have to be not only are effective for search engines, but also to be pleasing to the eye of the most potantsialny client at which interest to pass to your resource has to be shown, having read its description.

In more detail about Meta - Tags.

K meta - to tags belong as a rule such tags as:

- the most important tag from all listed if you closed eyes on and,

was put by yours and if you spat on correctly - the exposed tag, then most likely search engines will close

eyes to your website and will hardly give it good positions on the main Top inquiries.

- this tag too an important link in optimization of the website, it of course is less effective than a tag,

but nevertheless they should not prinibregat and better to expose this tag. As a rule in expose generally

(if it is the new website in a network), LF or SCh inquiries. Already on more advanced websites inquiries put VCh.

What is...?

of VCh - Highly frequency inquiry. (Example: Templates, Scripts, Internet, wordpress and t. o)

of SCh - So-so frequency inquiry. (Example: html templates, ready templates, web website and t. o)

of LF - Low frequency inquiry. (Example: Local computer networks, the Internet in human life and t. o)

Here the excellent, optimized web the website: load1ng. ru

A here excellent service for check of key inquiries: wordstat. yandex. ru

- This tag is also quite important for carrying out SEO on the website (a sematichesky kernel). In this

tag you have to express more accurately and correctly the thought, the description of the goods, or a website web. The description should not

be too long and also in the description you have to is comprehended to make couple of key inquiries.

The H1 tag is important the fact that it can be broken into several headings: H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6.

Go they on increase, H1 - it is VCh inquiry, H2 - SCh, N3 - LF etc.

A in general is advised by me to you to leave only one H1 to add to it to VCh or SCh steam of inquiries, and about other * to forget N.

For memory:

- This tag has to contain no more than 70 symbols.

- Here no more than 250 (do a support on the first 150 symbols)

- Has to contain symbols from 150 - to 200.

- 20 - 30 symbols.

Always with you Vladimir, MrJohn .

Source of this article web website: Load1ng. ru