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Passionate desire. (On the ways to success, part No. 2)

this century the mankind, more than ever, needs new ideas, new methods of business, advertizing, production. Innovations are necessary, and this requirement opens the new horizons for those who accurately decided on the purpose and is ready to realize it.

In the First article “Who Do I Am?“, a series of the publications “Way to Success“, we learned to set the purposes.

In this is I want to describe a subject of Huge Desire. Without huge and burning desire to achieve goals, far you will not leave!!! It as fuel for your car. This desire needs to be inflated in yourself to a maximum and it will not allow you to despond when you meet the first difficulties.

The first difficulties will begin as soon as you to someone sound the grandiose purposes and they will be put under doubts, this very first and simplest test - the critic.

Listen to nobody and do not believe that you will not be able to achieve the desirable, ask that who tries to dissuade from reality of your purposes better - whether he achieved much and what its current purposes in life. There will be many obstacles in a way to success and before you meet the Real Success, will surely face temporary barriers, defeats and failures. If defeat takes you unawares, the main thing not to be given as 90% of people do it.

Failure is such nasty girl who will be delirious with delight if it manages to push off you from a way in a step from REAL SUCCESS!!!

In order that you had an armor against failures it is necessary to develop in itself BURNING DESIRE to ACHIEVE SUCCESS. With inflating of this flame in you we will be helped by lists of your purposes. For this purpose some time is required, but it is worth it.

A way to reach Huge desire:

You saw the very first spark by drawing up the list of dreams and desires when you wrote something from what even the lump in a throat rose, there was a wish to climb on a wall, a wolf to howl etc. from desire to catch it. For each person this, the big house, the sports car amicable and the loving family, the world travel etc. If you had no such feeling, means rewrite the list since. You were insincerely with yourself.

Whether during the day remember the purposes more often and analyze bring closer your actions at least on millimeter to them.

Daily give minutes 30 for concentration on the purposes, it is very important to concentrate during this process that you want, and you do not want to drive away far away thoughts of that of what.

Impart to yourself a habit - every time waking up and filling up to remember a main goal in your life.

Know - your computer in the head, i.e. the brain is programmed by a large number of repetitions!!!

To reason all the same what to cultivate - constant thoughts as to you badly is or keynotes to success. So can it is worth ceasing to feel sorry for himself and to begin to move to success?

Realize simple truth - to achieve success and wealth it is necessary as much forces, as well as on dragging existence in poverty.

In conclusion I will provide the poem of the great poet:

I bargained with it for a penny -

I received on a penny.

A ask I one million - Take

and dumbfound?

It though the vein, this life, -


allows to prevail. We at it one, but we are

On service of it.

You contracted for a five-copeck coin? Serve

, do not dare to grumble.

I do not askance at the rich man,

A learn to dream.

Who the millionaire who the footman -

To all it is equal

I favors wholly that, Who demands


I wish to develop in myself an all-consuming, burning and passionate flame of Desire of Success!!!