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love sticks to

When the childhood smoothly passes into early youth, the attention to the appearance is aggravated: whether really I am rather good that those who are pleasant to me paid attention to me? Also it is problematic to find the teenager who is happy with the appearance.

bypassed it and me.

was not pleasant to me everything in my shape: a nose, a face form, hands, legs, all not as would be desirable. And there was a wish... oh, Thank God, that our desires of changes of appearance do not work, at least not in odnochasy. I would be a slender urodka, with legs - makoronina, without visible outlines of muscles, with a short torso and breasts which are sticking out in different directions, instead of a nose the line and eyes as at toons. Generally, something like Barbie. All this

carries the name teenage complexes.

Today I already big age the girl, and all my values are acquired by experience and reflections.

Ya is not so categorical as in youth, the pastel in paints, both in emotions, and in judgments appeared. I understood that it is impossible, it is bad, not to love what is presented: God, Earth, Nature. People, the states, and t of

of Mamochkina of the word that “from love and children grow“ got sense, global for the world: on love the world stands. (Roerich) Dear mummy. Wise, but such touching child in soul.

What I still realized: it is necessary to love himself. Without love and respect for, you as the house without the base. Exactly from here sensitivity, and even embitternment grows. When there is no love to itself, (and nature abhors a vacuum) that look for replacement, confirmations that you are rather good, through the attitude towards you of other people. All the time this confirmation that the building of self-esteem and vitality in you did not fail without the base is necessary. And all the time you doubt: and suddenly I am not good? And suddenly I am not loved?... and - and - and-! My friend did not call, and I am so sick! He does not love me!

And the friend, perhaps, and itself is sick. And it is perhaps busy very much, and can... yes you never know? Well just problems and routine overcame. External manifestations of a good attitude and love are very not reliable, especially in our century. The friend not the one who stays for hours from nothing to do in empty chatter. It in operation: support, understanding, and in real, physical actions. It divides both a grief, and pleasure, it is always on your party. Even when you are not right. He will tell that you are not right, but then. When already protects you. Will tell not for the statement of the correctness, but for you.

And about love.

If I love myself, I accept, as each person loves himself, and I respect him as the personality, with his views and beliefs which have the right to be, as well as mine.

Ya I love myself. I forgive myself my mistakes which was... oh, was. These are my lessons and I drew conclusions. Now it is necessary to stop and not to torment itself for the analysed, “fulfilled“ mistakes.

Ya I love the body. I love my hands - they can a lot of things and they do not grumble, smoothly help me on the first call. I love my legs. They work so much, even without receiving elementary “thanks“. Quick, fast, hardy, even when by it it is could not. I love

Ya when all as it is conceived by the Lord: hay smells of hay, milk - milk, urine (believe, it is important too) smells of urine! When a rain wet and from it grow - even if weeds. They from acid rains will not grow.

Soon Easter.

Ya in the soul I thank the Creator for our world, for his long-suffering in relation to us, innocent converters fine, and without changes, the world. To transform, without destroying, it also does not come to much to mind. And if they at the same time and the power holding - that trouble.

Love. It is stated so much. Lyubov creates, improves, onakak light. And love the person the nature - there would be no problems with ecology.

In my small address on the eve of Easter I told what is known to everyone. To remind.

With the Holiday you!