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Why “Gazelle“ is called by car - the murderer?

“Gazelle“ - the murderer, a machine of death... Such names flash in headings of various publications, since June 10, 2003. That day in Moscow area the share taxi at great speed flew in the truck.

It was as if demonstration of problems of this type of transport. The driver - the foreigner, probably, for fatigue fell asleep driving. The car was overloaded and was not modification of the “Gazelle“ intended for passenger transportations at all. But after this accident of a press dappled with ominous headings. At the same time did not speak what killing property “Gazelle“ possesses.

Ourselves should glance in the historical background. In the USSR the share taxi played a supporting role in system of city transport. To the middle 90 - x years of the last century this system was almost destroyed. The public transport worked very badly. In the same time in the country there was a category of people richer and ambitious, than the majority. There was no wish to go in the buses and trams filled by this majority it resolutely. And was not enough for the car of money yet.

Thus, there was a demand for an opportunity to move quicker and more comfortably, than public transport, but is cheaper, than by a taxi. Such demand was answered by the minibuses working in the mode of a share taxi. From - for the small sizes they easily maneuvered on the road and went quicker than the bus. And from - for existence only of seats - on comfort approached the car.

This type of transport began to develop violently. Demand for minibuses RAF quickened. They became outdated at the USSR, but the import equipment was the road. In these conditions in 1996 Gorky Automobile Plant produced the GAS model - 322132. This was the modification of the Gazelle car which is specially intended for passenger transportations. At that time the car possessed the best combination of the qualities necessary for work of a share taxi. It forced out competitors and became popular both in Russia, and in neighboring countries.

Some time was prestigious to go by route “Gazelle“ even. At a stop it was possible to see how people patiently waited for the minibus, passing public transport. Sometimes the tram going the same route or the trolleybus could take the passenger to the place already. But that stood and expected “Gazelle“.

Gradually the market of transportations was sated, and the solvent population bought privately owned vehicles. Carriers reduced the prices, and at the same time and quality of service. And the most terrible, for the sake of profit standards of safety began to ignore.

It is characteristic of a share taxi in general. The first measures for its restriction entered into the USA almost a century ago. Minibuses are popular, as a rule, only in the backward countries with undeveloped transport system. So, the irritation from their abundance was quite natural. But at us this energy was unexpectedly directed to discredit of the Gazelle trademark.

In two months prior to above-mentioned accident it was organized and lit with the press krash - the test of the GAS model - 322132. Nobody will tell whether it was coincidence, but the way was paved for the subsequent charges of the car greatly. There is a number of versions, explaining why they made guilty “Gazelle“:

Noise was made shortly after offered for sale of the share of the company owning automobile works “GAS“. In such a way could try to obtain falling of the prices of them.

the Market of share taxis attracted everything new persons interested. But it was difficult to squeeze out from it old (using generally “Gazelles“). The juicy scandal allowed to make it. Even government officials of the highest rank officially authorized repressions concerning the car of concrete brand. Sounds incredibly. And not only for the country considering itself by the constitutional state. But it occurred.

the Action against “Gazelle“ - only part of the company on discredit of the Russian automotive industry. also other reason Is possible

. It is possible that all these versions are right. The expected result in all cases one - repartition of the market by means of slander on the competitor. Not only image of a trademark suffered at the same time. “Gazelle“ became one of national brands.

The trademark, having risen to this level, is beyond business. The person perceives it as a symbol. In some measure begins to identify himself with it. And if inspire in us that it is the car - the murderer, then at the same time program us on perception of as the nations - murderers. Sounds artificially? Well. Give all nation we will look at ourselves while we decided to pass on “Gazelle“.

At what we look around first of all? Stop? More likely, we will take a view of the road. Whether “Gazelle“ with the necessary number goes by us? If yes, the ancient national entertainment begins “to stop a horse at full tilt“. Desperately we loom, sometimes running out on the road. So we are more noticeable. The minibus begins emergency brake application and change of a lane. We begin to catch up with it on the shortest distance. Easily we can rush to “Gazelle“ and through several strips, once that stands at the intersection.

The same will occur if it braked, without having reached to a stop. At first someone does not maintain one. Behind it another, and here already all others direct in a pursuit. Spontaneous landing, uncontrollable to the driver begins. Passengers who were going to leave at a stop see that they it for a long time, and begin spontaneous disembarkation. There is a crowd, and the parking drags on, creating a stopper.

Having come into salon, we see that there are no empty seats. To recede? No! The base is occupied, and we will die in the last ditch. With criminal negligence we refuse to understand that we turn figurative expression “To die in the last ditch“ in literal. Engineers, projecting “Gazelle“, did not count that under her ceiling several bodies with a lump of hundreds kilograms will wave. And now, when these bodies there all - kolyshatsya - controllability and stability of the car becomes threateningly low.

Further what we do when we see the road inspector? Yes, we squat. And people move to make for us a seat. In a full consent with laws of the criminal world. Militia - the general enemy. And to cover from it other criminal - business sacred.

Further we give money to the driver when it is more convenient to us to make it. We do not understand that he can make the actions requiring attention at this time. If he does not notice us - we will more persistently declare ourselves. In “Gazelle“ we honor the ego as in any other transport. If the driver did not hear as we asked a stop, then in repeated shout the whole scale of emotions will merge: offense, indignation, rage... Leaving, we still will grumble something or we will hiss. The driver usually returns the favor, but the last word nevertheless will be for us. Because, having told it, we leave in a huff so that at it in ears rang out. Let will suffer! Does not concern us that fifteen more people will suffer. And the excited driver will rush them further, gritting the teeth and furiously pressing on a pedal...

Still we painfully transfer refusal to land us where we wanted that. We are sure that the driver just is malicious, declaring that it is impossible to leave on the traffic light. We laugh, hearing that observance of traffic regulations preserves lives of people. We - that know that if there was an accident - it just the driver is not able to go.

Unless such behavior does not prove that we - the nation killing itself? We the actions create the majority of emergencies. We are accomplices in this continuous crime on roads. And only we can avoid most of the victims, but not replacement of brand of the bus or employment of the “correct“ drivers. The correct driver either will leave, or will fly into a rage with us and will begin to violate rules also.

The complaint came to administration of one of the cities of the Moscow region. The citizen declared that she was late for work from - for the minibus taxi driver who did not begin to go round a stopper on a roadside as it is done by others. This example illustrates as there is a natural selection. Ourselves put in minibuses of such drivers what they are. The consumer orders quality of goods and services which will be offered to it.

“Gazelle“ is not ideal. But it conforms to requirements of the international standards of safety. So - does not possess the special qualities allowing to call her the murderer. It is much more, than the car, kills people our behavior.

And I wish to readers to realize that each of us can rescue someone...