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Than Jane Osten`s books are useful?

Novels of the famous English writer - Jane Osten - are recognized world classics. The English and American cinema is regularly picturized by these works, borrowing in them stars of world size: Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Gwyneth Paltrow and many others.

Perhaps, at once it is necessary to make a reservation that today the vast majority of readers of novels of Jane Osten - women. Though two hundred years ago the release of its novels with equal impatience was waited by all readers, irrespective of a floor. Art advantages of novels of Jane Osten are indisputable, but not they will become a consideration subject now. Besides the mentioned art advantages, novels of the writer have a peculiar psychotherapeutic effect. Let`s consider what in texts generates this in the highest measure a useful phenomenon.

The modern reader, having taken in hand “Pride and prejudice“ or “Sense and Sensibility», can slam the book after reading of couple of pages with words: “Fi! And where action? Yawn!“. However if nothing distracts the reader on the first couple of pages from reading, then soon he will be absorbed by the book at, apparently, total absence of a plot in sense habitual to us.

In the center of the novel usually there is a young woman from rather poor noble family, rather educated and attentive successfully to reflex the events. Through a prism of perception of the main character there is an entry into romantic reality of England of the beginning of the nineteenth century.

The quiet cozy place of rural England where more and more or less worthy people are familiar with each other, visit to each other, discuss each other - it is unusually stable world. The world where there is no place to cataclysms and accidents where the relations are simple and clear where people have enough time to consider and deeply to analyze the events happening to them; where there is a place to feelings, they are important, essential significance is attached to them. In this world of the man in the majority the real gentlemen, they are reliable and gallant, it is possible to rely on them. The word pledged to the woman means even to the most windy of them much.

Immersion in the atmosphere of the stable slow world makes the undoubted therapeutic calming impact on the modern reader focused on an action both in literature and cinema, and in own life. Such impact on the reader works of many recognized classics of the English literature, even a detective genre possess. For example, when reading detectives of Agatha Christie usually impresses as the described world can remain such measured and complacent when absolutely the terrible crime … is committed nearby

In novels J. Osten is not committed crimes, heroes lead the rich emotional life, clear, but often to the inaccessible modern reader from - for rigid temporary restrictions. Accession to the world of feelings of heroes helps to understand and learn the own sensual world better. The touch to own world of feelings in the comfortable and safe atmosphere also, undoubtedly, terapevtichno for the reader who got used to perceive and estimate in most cases the events is intellectual, but is not sensual. Thus, immersion to the world of the novel promotes development and updating of the important, but not always demanded in daily routine sides and lines of the personality.

Separately It is necessary to tell about style of works. The special pleasure gives reading in original language. The text is sated with ironic dialogues - understanding of jokes, double and threefold meanings in nonnative language, as a rule, promotes substantial increase of a self-assessment of the reader. The reading work in a good translation has J. Osten a fine opportunity to derive esthetic pleasure and to increase own level of linguistic competence.

Very much I love novels J. Osten, I take great pleasure from each reading and I envy a little those who did not read “Emma“ or “Arguments of mind“ yet …