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Hachiko: the love which overcame death?

In October the American movie of Lasse Halstrem “Hachiko came out. The most loyal friend“ and appeared at once in top ten.

Movie very touching and sad. Speak, even men when viewing could not constrain tears, sympathizing with a red large dog of the Japanese breed an Akita - to Ying, within nearly ten years on the same place faithfully expecting the owner who was not never fated to return any more day by day.

The movie history which in itself is very memorable beautiful the tragedy and at the same time simplicity … Missile defense such history is told “it is old as the world“. Also it is similar to a legend more likely or to the sad fairy tale.

Nevertheless, this history is based on the real events which took place in Japan in 20 - x years of the last century.

The main character was born on November 10, 1923 in private nursery of Saito in the town of Daygo located in the neighborhood of the city of Odat, prefecture the Akita on the island of Honshu. Thoroughbred representatives an Akita - to Ying - Oshinay and Goma were his parents. At the age of 50 days of a puppy presented in gift to doctor Eysaburo Ueno, professor of the Tokyo university of agricultural faculty who named it Hachi that in translation from Japanese “eight“, umenshitelno - laskatelno - Hachiko.

It should be noted that at that time dogs of breed an Akita were highly appreciated enough and were a rarity. Doctor Ueno soft and kind at heart with pleasure accepted a puppy in the family and soon very much became attached to it. Hachiko lived in love and care and grew up a strong, healthy dog with a pride bearing, furious “mask“ on a muzzle, but the gentle and kind soul.

And the same as it is shown in the movie, he saw off every day the owner on station of Shibuya, Tokyo, and met him there after work, steadily sitting in the same place opposite to an entrance. And every time at the same time from gate of station appeared doctor Ueno, and the dog with pleasure rushed to it towards. And these minutes nobody on light it was happier than Hachiko, the owner, waited only, unique and best on light.

But once there was improbable. As if attentively and fixedly Hachiko did not peer into the people leaving from station, he did not see a familiar silhouette. People everything went and went by, merging in homogeneous colourless mass, hurried home … And was to nobody affairs to a lonely reddish Akita as if a sculpture of the square in front of the station which stiffened in the middle.

That day, on May 21, 1925, professor Ueno did not come back home. The next three days Hachiko felt unusual presence of the owner, but could not see it why felt inexpressible melancholy and alarm in the Heart of a Dog. As if as a sign of a mute protest, the faithful dog refused food and drink. But for the fourth day, 25 - go May, Hachiko woke up easily and quietly. Because this day he already precisely knew that he has to do. It went to the station - to meet the owner. From this day and within the next ten years up to the death the faithful dog steadily appeared at station of Shibuya in due time, expecting professor.

Soon after sudden death of doctor Ueno from heart attack his family moved to Asakusa that in 8 km from Shibui. However and it did not stop Hachiko, he patiently overcame every day 8 km of a way to station and as much back. Neither the rain, nor snow, nor heat, nor hunger could force out the loyal friend from the post.

Such dedication and devotion could not leave anybody indifferent. Soon Hachiko became native and habitual at the station Shibuya, many brought it food and cared for it.

In 1932 in the Tokyo newspaper “Asakhi Shinbun“ there was big article about “Dzyuken Hachiko“ (“a faithful dog of Hachiko“) then history of a devoted Akita was carried all over the country. People specially came to station of Shibuya to look at the dog who became a national legend during lifetime. And on April 8, 1934, one year prior to Hachiko`s death, at station of Shibuya the ceremonial opening of a monument took place - the exact copy 127 cm high of Hachiko and a pedestal 180 cm high were poured out of bronze by the famous sculptor Theroux Ando. The interesting fact is that at a ceremony there was a hero of the occasion in person.

Since then the monument to Faithful Hachiko at station of Shibuya is the most favourite place of meetings of all lovers.

On March 8, 1935 Hachiko died, quietly and peaceful. And next day the national mourning was about it declared. The country said goodbye to a legendary dog, intelligibly and simply reminded to people of such values as love, fidelity and devotion.

Kostya Hachiko are buried on a tomb of professor Ueno on Aoyam`s cemetery. It is considered that thus the faithful dog nevertheless managed to reunite with the owner.

Since then there passed many decades. But Hachiko`s history is not forgotten. The effigy of a devoted dog is still stored in the Tokyo art museum. As the Iomiuri newspaper wrote, the story about Hachiko was introduced in the school anthology. In 1987 the Japanese movie “Hachiko Monogatari“ (“The legend on Hachiko“) on the scenario written by the famous director Kaneto Shindo went over with huge success. In 2004 two books about this dog were published in the USA. For children Hachiko`s story was told in the animated film and comics.

Today a breed of dog the Akita - to Ying is considered national property of Japan and is proclaimed a nature sanctuary.

And let Hachiko`s history will seem sad, and at movie theaters, looking at it, will shed tears even of the man, but it has a light end because this legend bears in itself light of hope and love. The love which overcame death …