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Whether giving is necessary to the sane citizen? Deadly dance to a pitchfork and secateurs of

We already talked about how summer residents help oligarchs to buy new country houses and other. Let`s track further tests which the summer resident should pass...

2. Unpleasant surprises. The suffocating fresh air

At last which is squeezed out as a lemon, slightly pribaldevshy as the addict, from hours-long inhalation of exhaust gases in traffic jams, with okochurenny house, the enraged and crookedly smiling dog you arrive to the dacha. And for what you can wait here?

Fresh air! It - please. Even becomes some badly when having inhaled miasmata of the megalopolis and in tons of exhaust gases in the same traffic jams, lungs begin to make the way suddenly crystal-clear oxygen of the country woods.

In the next garden association there was a history. The grandmother drove with the grandson the car to a site very long. That Friday Moscow and area really terrible traffic jams smothered, and the heat so heated asphalt that it seemed, it already burns and wastes the life the fetid chemical aromas. With big work the granny with the grandson crawled to giving. There the elderly woman got out of salon of a car, went ozone of the surrounding woods to the head, it became badly. She sat down on a verandah and suddenly finished the way on this planet. As we see, even undoubted, apparently, plus - crystal air - is capable to bring tragic results. Giving can kill.

3. The trodden beds. The ruined harvest. Uninvited guests

I Worked with

somehow in the Moscow representative office of the Danish company. The security guard of a vegetable warehouse, is from Moscow area, from Serpukhov, somehow did not come to work though earlier similar was not watched it. Then already, in a month, he told me that he happened. Let`s name our character Sergey Sergeyevich. And so, he “chopped off“ change in Moscow and went in an electric train to the small city situated near Moscow. At home changed clothes, took buterbrodik, a small bottle and the lawn-mower bought earlier.

Ahead of two days off, weathers cost marvelous. He catches on the suburban bus that he goes before its giving. From a stop a peshochok chapat through the wood, breathes needles, rejoices to a crunch of fir cones under legs. Twilight. Darkly already, it is possible to tell. Sergey Sergeyevich goes to a back hardly noticeable gate of the site. Opens a key a carved hinged lock, goes by a small shed. And suddenly stops as driven. He did not expect such show and did not hope to behold!

In twilight silhouettes of three diggers looked awful. And - it is not vain. They came with the stock (a pitchfork, shovels), with baskets and buckets. They already drew the greenhouse, is banal having cut polyethylene. It became clear then. The site Sergey Sergeicha was exposed to invasion of bums more than once. The man all wanted to catch them, to teach a good lesson for the plundered harvest. And here they were drawn. Our summer resident since military service in SA got used to protect himself and the good. Decided to puganut also uninvited guests that those with the world left.

Keys from a shed on a sheaf dangled and Sergey Sergeyevich took several steps back. Quietly unlocked a shed door, turned on the light, grasped a pitchfork. Also left with them atilt as the ancient Russian soldier with a spear on the battlefield with infidels. Bums, having caught sight of light and the man, ceased to dig. And a bit later, having grinned on the requirement of the owner to get out from his earth, three together, with shovels, or with a pitchfork in hands, moved on the security guard of our fruit firm. Sergey Sergeyevich a back nestled on a shed. Exposed a pitchfork forward monolitno, firmly. Bums stopped, surprised with bravery of the man.

And they appeared before each other as small number, but strong spirit army suprotiv thieves - adversaries. Silence. Only stars from the clear evening sky looked at people with a pitchfork and shovels below. Sergey Sergeyevich was not a coward, and the army of the homeless trembled. Them “ñòàðøàê“ ordered to accomplices to leave, having taken away only the stock. And already right at the end praised Sergey Sergeyevich for firmness and told that if the man trembles, would not stand against them the giant, and would hristaradnichat forgiveness, then his night guests would not regret.

As we see on the example of Sergey Sergeyevich, at the dacha it is quite probable to lose life. From visit angry unexpected guests, from a sting of snakes which the infinite quantity divorced now, from a knife or secateurs drunk - the neighbor of the summer resident.

About snakes: in Soviet period their number was regulated by the state. Now all on it to spit. Well, snakes and snakes. Well, creep. Yes, bite. Dak you stay at home, but you do not tease these wise reptiles the choppers, a rake and shovels. Now snakes - kings of the woods and kitchen gardens, their quantity grows constantly, and they do not like to share the territory of a survival. Summer residents for these lovely creatures - good object for attack.

4. To be crushed as the field mouse who is stealing a march

At first sight similar option seems to

improbable. The housing estate is the place where all drivers seek to jump out quicker from - for a wheel and to popruzhinit on the ground on own legs. But as soon as in the late afternoon on coals brochette zashkvorchitsya and the people properly will drink, the part of drivers pulls to drive! And what? There are no GAI officers, around the wood and the field. Why not to pokurolesit the honest company driving? Or always almost so happens that “fire-water“ ended, and the soul asks continuations of a banquet. Also the idlers who already drank behind an additive go.

How many cars fall in marshy ditches of country roads. Lie there on one side or having lifted a belly (bottom) to heaven, as if asking about mercy. And sobered up a grief - owners look for a tractor or the truck to pull out the “an iron horse“ in the morning from marshy captivity. One of such a grief - reckless drivers brought down the granny directly in the territory of country cooperative. The grandmother died. And just there was it from an electric train to the unsightly lodge on the earth. Before giving.

And in next GNA (garden noncommercial association) is not lucky one site all the time that it is located directly on a turn edge. Association Lokalnaya Highway long goes straight, and, so there is an opportunity to gain speed. And then the cloth sharply leaves to the left. Sober drivers still manage to reduce speed, and drunk - not always. And punch a fence of an ill-fated site and fly directly on a kitchen garden. It turns out, a picture Did Not Wait! oil.

Owners of the ill-fated place is the married couple of years of forty five. Somehow in settlement shop when we were on a visit at neighbors, we got to talking with the owner of this site - Pavel. Sipping beer directly on a brevnyshka near general store, we discussed quality of sprinkling of roads gravel, and I asked how Pavel treats that to it in possession periodically fly in dupel drunk “Shumakhera“. On what the man exhaled bitterly: “Zakolebali!“.

However, other word was told, but it is unprintable. Few times during the season the fence of its giving precisely makes the way drunk drivers. Well, it was not lucky with an arrangement, a certain part of summer residents will tell. And I would add more sharply: “Karma!“.

Be continued.